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What programs can I study at MADI

In case your command of Russian is not too good or lacks at all, you should first have a course at Preparatory Faculty for foreign students

In case you speak Russian and have a relevant certificate or a mark in your school-leaving certificate, you can apply for


In case you want to have a course of Russian with no aim of further enrollment in Russian high school,  our Russian Language Courses may be of interest for you.

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Preparatory Faculty Dean’s office (room 385, 386) – 8-499-1550409, e-mail: dpf@madi.ru

Foreign Students Main Faculties Dean’s office (room 382) – 8-499-1550311, e-mail: ms@madi.ru

Visa and Registration Department (room 375) – 8-499-1510581, e-mail: interdep@madi.ru