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Results of the enrollment campaign 2021

MADI has finished accepting applications from candidates. Orders for admission of applicants on a general basis for budgetary places on Bachelor's and Specialist's programs will appear only on August 17, but there is already a possibility to assess the quantitative indicators of enrollment.

In total, 6,834 people applied to MADI. 16781 applications for state-financed Bachelor's and Specialist's degree programs (taking into account that one candidate had the right to submit three applications for different specialties) were submitted for the full-time program.

According to results of reception of applications the highest competition was on a specialty "Construction of unique buildings and constructions" and on directions of preparation: "Computer science and computer engineering", "Information systems and technologies" - more than 50 people on a place.

According to the number of applications the leaders were the following directions:

  • "Information systems and technologies" - more than 2,000 applications;
  • "Construction" and "Informatics and Computer Engineering" - more than 1,700 applications.

"This year we have felt an increase in the interest of applicants to our university. Applicants submitted 4,000 more applications than a year ago. I would like to note a traditionally high interest in IT-direction, modern digital technologies in logistics processes and transport flows management, as well as a very high demand for the specialty "Construction of unique buildings and structures". This interest is dictated primarily by the digitalization of the economy and the development of transport infrastructure in the country, and the attention of applicants to us only emphasizes that the MADI is the leading university in the road construction industry," said Dmitry Efimenko, acting rector of MADI.

The most popular way for applicants was the use of personal account on the MADI website - more than 12,000 applications were received through the system. For comparison, a little more than 2,000 applications were received when submitting applications in person.

Now begins an exciting time for everyone who participates in the competition for state-funded places. Until 18:00 on August 11, 2021, applicants for major competitive seats may submit or withdraw their consent to enrollment, which in turn affects the ranked lists. Note that applicants can apply for enrollment in MADI no more than three times.

For questions about enrollment, please contact the Admissions Office at priem@madi.ru or by phone +7 (499) 346-01-68 ext. 1100.