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Nikolay Vasilievich Ornatsky

From the first days of the existence of MADI the department of road building was formed, which was later called the department of unpaved roads, and later - the department of road construction and operation. Throughout the history of the university it was one of the key graduating departments of MADI. From 1933 to 1936 it was headed by an outstanding scholar, doctor of technical sciences, professor Nikolay Vasilyevich Ornatsky. He started his academic career in the Moscow Automobile and Road Institute in 1929, first as an assistant, later promoted to an associate professor and then, since 1931, to a professor.

Back then, the construction of unpaved roads was actively carried out, and his scientific interest was aimed at their improvement. In 1933 Nikolay Ornatsky published a textbook for universities, which was called "The unpaved roads".

The history of his life is tightly bound with the history of the country: he actively participated in the design of the complex of buildings of Moscow State University on the Lenin Hills in Moscow. Along with work at MADI and Moscow State University he was called up for active military service to teach at the Military Academy of Engineering of the Red Army, where in 1934-1939 he prepared military specialists in the field of roads. As a participant in the Great Patriotic War since July 1941 he was chief of the road department of the 34th Army, head of the 2nd automotive and road department of the North-Western Front; from 1943 he served in the Main Road Department of the Red Army. For all the wartime years he was engaged in the construction of military roads in the front line in his main specialty.

Having already returned from the front, he defended his doctoral thesis on "Theory of design of anti-flooding measures on automobile roads". He published more than 80 scientific works on road soil science, soil mechanics and road construction. In 1957 as a member of the USSR delegation he participated in the IV International Congress on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering (London). At the same time, he always devoted much time to the training of young specialists: at Moscow University he taught a course "Soil Mechanics", at MADI - "Soil Roads".

For his military and peaceful services to the Motherland, Nikolay Vasilievich Ornatsky was awarded two Orders of the Red Star.