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76 Years of victory. MADI'S scienyific regiment

MADI joins the initiative of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science "Scientific Regiment". Today we start a series of publications about the heroes of the Great Patriotic War - teachers and employees of our university.

Like the whole nation, our university did everything possible for the Victory. Teachers and students built bridges, roads and airfields, dug trenches and anti-tank ditches, went to the front as tankers and motorists. Many joined the militia, fighter battalions, and the military-road detachments.

The best of the best fought in the road repair and traffic control troops, military bridge departments and military road detachments. Let us recall just some of the names:

  • Ivan Zasov, participant of the Stalingrad and Kursk battles and the Berlin operation.
  • The head of the road and then automobile troops of several southern fronts, Major General Nikolai Strakhov.
  • Leonid Afanasyev, future rector of the MADI,
  • Major GeneralProfessor Nikolay Ornatsky
  • Associate Professor Anatoly Bogomolov.

...This glorious list of heroes can go on for a long time. Many defenders of the Motherland later became honored workers of science and technology, professors, candidates and doctors of science.

But no less important work was carried out by MADI scientists, who brought the victory closer with their developments.

Leonid Leonidovich Afanasyev Valery Fedorovich Babkov Alexey Antonovich Ilyushin
  Nikolay Nikolaevich Ivanov
  Fyodor Alexandrovich Nedosekin   Nikolay Vasilievich Ornatsky
Sergei Vladimirovich Shestoperov  

Evgeny Evgenievich Gibshman