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Faculty of Mechanics and Design



Faculty of Mechanics and Design


The faculty was founded on 25 September 1968 and was named  "Mechanical Equipment of Automatic Installations." In 1969, the faculty was renamed to the Faculty of Mechanics and Design


  • Descriptive geometry and drawing
  • Machinery Parts and Theory of Mechanisms
  • Tractor-truck and amphibious vehicles
  • Transportation facilities


  • Bachelor Program:

Technological machines and equipment

     Hydraulic machines, hydraulic drives and hydropneumatic automation

  • Master Programs:

 Hydraulic machines, hydraulic drives and hydropneumatic automation;

     Machine science and machine parts

  • Post-Graduate Training Programs


Currently international students from Syria, Mongolia and Belarus pursue Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees at the Faculty

Science Achievements 

The field of scientific interests of the Faculty departments lies in the following areas of mechanics and machine engineering:

  • in the field of tribology, technical and vibration-noise diagnostics,
  • experimental research of resources of machine parts,
  • in the development of scientific bases for ensuring the reliability of technological equipment,
  • research and design of hydropneumatic drivers, hydrodynamic transmissions, systems and elements of hydropneumatics.

Student Activities

The Faculty holds international methodological and research conferences where students, postgraduates and young scientists present the results of their scientific work. Students of the Faculty take part in many engineering projects (e.g. Formula-Student, Formula Electric, Shell Eco-Marathon, Rally MADI), social and sports events, volunteering activities.

Why this Faculty

Graduates have competences that allow them to work in research and design organizations and design offices on development, design and operation of technological machines and equipment, as well competences to work in science and academia.

Where you can work

  • Science and academia
  • Production of processing equipment
  • General and special engineering and energy
  • Transport mechanical engineering
  • Agricultural mechanical engineering
  • Aircraft and space industry


Moscow automobile and road construction state technical university (madi)

64, Leningradsky prospect, Moscow 

125319, Russia

room: 442

Dean of the Faculty – Kostiuk Irina Vladimirovna, Associate Professor

phone: +7 (499) 155-07-40

e-mail: kmf@madi.ru