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Chair of Road Industry Economics


Chair of Road Industry Economics 


Established in 1987 


15 faculty members, incl. 2 Doctors of Economics, 9 Cand. Sc. Economics, and 1 Cand. Sc. Engineering 


Faculty of Economics 

Faculty of Road Construction 

Faculty of Road Transport 

Correspondence Faculty 


Introduction to the specialty 




Theory of Industrial Markets 

Business Economics 

Construction Economics 

Real Estate Economics 

Environmental Economics 

Urban Economics 

Business Planning in Construction 

Business Modeling for Urban Projects 

Business Activities of Construction Organization 

Conceptual Framework for Development of Transport Networks in Urban Metropolitan Areas 

Municipal Administration and Self-Government 

Planning for Socio-Economic Development of Territories 

Public-Private Partnership 

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Integrated Development of Territories 

Legal Regulation of Land Property Relations 

Investment Organization and Planning  

Fundamentals of Organization and Management in Construction 

Organization, Planning and Management in Construction 

Labor Organization, Normalization and Compensation at Industry Enterprises 

Enterprise Production Organization  

Enterprise Planning 

Income and Wage Policy 

Project Management 

Road Activities Management 

City Infrastructure Management 

Investment Appraisal 

Economic Analysis 

International Business 

Global Economy and International Economic Relations 

Science Achievements 

A major role in the establishment of the Chair and the organization of its school of thought belongs to Professor Y.N. Petrov, who was the Head of the Chair in 1988 - 2011. It was under his leadership, that some important scientific and methodological research in the field of road industry was carried out. 

Professor, Doctor of Economics E.N. Garmanov was the founder of one of the most important areas of the Chair’s research - the assessment of the economic efficiency of investments in road facilities. He developed fundamental principles and methods for appraisal of capital investments in road construction and maintenance. 

Professor, Doctor of Economics E.V. Dinghes is the founder of such focus areas as the economics of construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of bridge structures. He proposed a fundamentally new approach to assessing bridges as a kind of transport hubs on the road network. 

The results of the research work of the Chair’s staff have been manifested in 9 coursebooks on economics, organization and planning of roads, bridges and airfields, two dozens of monographs, and over 100 educational and methodological aids and tutorials prepared and published over the years. 

Students Activity 

Our students successfully participate in scientific conferences:  

International scientific-practical conference "The capabilities of artificial intelligence and modern challenges of digital transformation in the financial sector of the Russian Federation" (April 2019): S.N. Israilova– 2-nd place 


The Chair provides students with economic knowledge in the field of design, construction and operation of roads and structures. Our trained specialists:  

- know the specifics of pricing and budgeting in construction, lean principles and methods for use of material, technical, labor and financial resources in production; 

- can justify investments in the development of the road network; 

- have excellent command of methods for evaluating the effectiveness of planning and design decisions, implementation of construction projects. 

Where you can work* 

Graduates easily find employment in the construction industry, road sector, research and design institutes (FAU ROSDORNII, GAU Institute of the General Plan of Moscow, JSC Mosproekt), construction and transport management bodies. 


R.329, 64 Leningradsky Prospect,  

Acting Head: M.S. Anastasov, tel. +7 (499) 155-01-05;  

Teachers’ room: tel. +7 (499) 155-04-52;  

E-mail: eds@madi.ru