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24 employees, including 16 lecturers (3 Doctors and 12 Candidates of Technical Sciences)


Faculty of Motor Transport

Faculty of Road and Technological machines

Faculty of Management

Faculty of Economics


Disciplines for bachelor degree:

Car and society;

Physical processes of bicycle vehicles (optional);

Design, operational properties of road vehicles;

Car design computation fundamentals;


Transport technique;

Industry technology. Transport vehicles;

Metrology, standardization, certification;

Transport engineering, maintenance and repair;

Car design basics;

Industrial practice;

Certification of road vehicles;

Warranty policy of car manufacturers;

Car dealerships;

Maintenance and repair companies;

Car market;

Bachelors (graduation work).


Disciplines for master degree:

Logic and Methodology of Science;

Design and computation of ground transportation and technological vehicles;

Principles of data transmission in on-board systems of modern transport and technological vehicles

Certification of ground transportation and technological vehicles and their components

Modern problems and directions of development of the design and technical operation of transport and transport-technological machines and equipment;

Intelligent on-board vehicle’ systems;

Innovative technologies in the construction of modern vehicles (part 1);

Scientific research basics;

Research and testing of ground transportation and technological vehicles;

Innovative technologies in the design of modern ground transportation and technological vehicles;

Innovative technologies in the construction of modern vehicles (part 2);

Design peculiarities of modern ground transportation and technological vehicles;

Theory of single-track vehicles driving;

Automation of controlled motion of ground transport and technological vehicles;

Innovative technologies in transport and technological complexes;

Practice of obtaining primary professional skills;

Scientific research work;

Computer technology in assessing performance indicators and operational processes of ground transportation and technological vehicles;

Computer methods for assessing cars’ design

Modern technical devices for measurement and registration during examination of transport-technological machines;

Methods for assessment and testing the operational properties of road vehicles;

Testing procedures for transport-technological machines;

Practice to obtain professional skills and professional experience;

Design features and research methods for single-track vehicles;


Disciplines for specialist degree:

Designs of ground transportation and technological vehicles;

Physical processes of bicycle vehicles;

Theory of ground transport-technological vehicles;

Computer-aided design systems for ground transport-technological vehicles;

Design of ground transport-technological vehicles;

Testing of ground transport-technological vehicles;

Theory of operational properties;

Motor sport;

Certification requirements for road vehicles;

Car tuning;

Design and tuning of sports cars;

Test methods for road vehicles;

Fundamentals of motorsport management;

Testing equipment;

Educational practice;

Undergraduate practice;

Industrial practice;

Specialty (final work)


Graduate school:

Postgraduate students management;

Specialty code 05.05.03 – wheeled and tracked vehicles.

Science Achievements

The priority research activities of the chair are as follows:

- integration of motor vehicles in an information environment (Intelligent Transport Systems);

- development of autonomous road vehicles and applicable testing procedures;

- evolution of the Russian car safety rating (RuNCAP);

- research of single-track vehicles;

- performance assessment of the active systems for tires adhesion with ground surface optimization.


Famous scientists who worked at the Automobiles chair:

Academician Evgeniy Aleksandrovich Chudakov is one of the founders of car’s theory.

Honored Worker of Science and Technology, Professor Andrey Nikolaevich Ostrovtsev is the chief designer of passenger cars of the ZIS plant, laureate of state prizes, a number of small and luxury cars were created under his leadership.

Professor Arkadiy Aleksandrovich Yurchevskiy is the creator of research area for increasing the cars efficiency by increasing driving velocities and road safety in Russia.


Students Activity

All-Russian competitions of graduation theses


The Automobiles chair is equipped with the latest laboratories, testing targets and equipment, allowing to teach automotive science in accordance with modern trends.

Students of the chair get knowledge to work in companies of the motor transport complex, in design-technological and scientific organizations, in motor transport and car repair enterprises, in information control rooms and in enterprises of information support on transport, in car service, in dealer centers of automobile and repair plants, in marketing, logistics and freight forwarding services.


Where you can work*


Mechanical engineering.

Automotive industry.

Maintenance of equipment, cars, vehicles and road-building machines.


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