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The total amount: 39 teachers, including 5 professors, doctors of sciences and 20 senior professors, candidates of sciences


Our courses are included in nearly each programme and read at following faculties:

Faculty of Mechanics and Design

Faculty of Logistics and Transport problems

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Management

Faculty of Road building

Energy and Environmental Faculty

Faculty of Road and Technological machines

Faculty of Motor Transport


Technologies of the Human Resource Management

Management of Innovation Project


Business Communication and Conflict Management

Project Analysis

Talent Management

Managing Project Risks


Data Analysis in HR and Social Studies

Recruitment and Assessment


Research Seminar

Human Resource Management

Information Technologies in Project Management

Corporation in International Business

Personnel Training and Development

Teambuilding and Teamwork Methods

The Methodology of Scientific Research in Management

Organizational Behavior


Cultural Communications in a Corporate Environment

Political Science and Communications


Сommunication Projects Management

Strategic Aspects of the Service Industry

Corporate Social Responsibility and International Labour Standards

Employment Law

Performance and business decisions

Reward management

Science Achievements

Our chair is famous for it`s unique mix. For one hand there are a lot of famous scientists with great academic activity, from the other there are many practitioners: the heads of HR departments, senior HR managers and so on.

Speaking about science achievements, our teachers have plenty publications in serious science journals (WoS, Scopus).

A lot of research projects were made on government request: assessment centers, reward evaluation system for various ministry`s structures.

Students Activity

For last 5 years our students took participations and won in many championships both domestic and international. There are only few of them:

  • Lean Production
  • Russian Leaders 2020
  • Ankor`s Case competition
  • World TRIS completion
  • Mentorhack
  • Russian HR Olympiad
  • World Diploma`s Olympiad
  • Russian Government Completion for Students etc.


Today’s business world needs HR managers who can offer a global perspective when making complex decisions. Our department gives you the knowledge to adapt to any job, anywhere in the world.

During our program you’ll gain a broad, global perspective on management. You’ll also zoom in and focus on essential skills under the guidance of specialists. If you become an HR manager, your role will be to direct, lead, plan, manage, encourage, cajole, coach and organize all activity within the organization.

Where you can work*

With a really strong foundation of knowledge in general HR management, plus specialist knowledge from your chosen stream, and practical skills developed with case studies and practical projects, you will graduate with a unique and well-rounded portfolio. Only some examples of our ex-students` employment: Coca-Cola corp., PwC, Deloitte, Ministry of Transport, :VTB Capital etc.

Approximately spheres of employment:

  • Recruitment & selection
  • Performance management
  • Learning & development
  • Succession planning
  • Compensation and benefits
  • HR Information Systems
  • HR data and analytics


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