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Total employees – 17

Engineers, laboratory assistants – 9

Teachers – 8

Of them

Doctor of Technical Sciences – 4

Candidate of Technical Sciences - 3


Faculty of Road and Technological machines

Faculty of Road building


Intelligent Management Systems

Industrial computer systems for dispatching, control and data collection

Computer-aided design of control systems (EPLAN)

Fundamentals of mathematical logic and Boolean algebra

Microprocessor systems

Theory of Automatic Control

Digital control robotic systems in construction

Intelligent Management Systems

Programmable logic controllers

Computer-aided design tools for information management systems

and other items

Science Achievements

The most demanded in industry and science developments of the department:

Ultrasonic systems for monitoring the strength of concrete (author prof. Gorshkov V. A.)

Gamma isotopic system for monitoring the density of concrete (authors Associate Professor Mikhailova N.V. and Prof. Gorshkov V.A.)

Control systems for connected multicomponent discrete dosing of concrete mix components, which made it possible to sharply increase their quality without changing the weight-metering equipment (author Professor Barsky R.G.)

Prediction and control of the strength of concrete and asphalt concrete based on the created special information management system (author Prof. D. Suvorov).

Substantiation and development of “Theory of computer materials science of building composites” (authors professor Vorobyov VA and professor Ilyukhin AV)

The department developed the first in the USSR system for remote control of a bulldozer, which was successfully used in the aftermath of the Chernobyl accident (authors A. Ilyukhin and associate professor S. Shakhvorostov)

For all developments, copyright certificates and patents have been obtained, among which the most important are:

"Device for remote control of the tractor"

"Device for measuring soil density"

"A device for controlling the transportation of oil and water mixture in the product pipeline"

"Ultrasonic device for monitoring the strength of concrete"

"Gamma isotope densitometer"

"Method for controlling multi-component batching"

"The method of controlling the strength of concrete and asphalt concrete"

"The method of computer simulation of the properties of building composite materials"

Well-known scientists in Russia and abroad worked and work at the department:

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Marsov Vadim Izrailevich

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Barsky Rodion Georgievich

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Vorobyov Vladimir Alexandrovich

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Gorshkov Vyacheslav Alekseevich

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Suvorov Dmitry Naumovich

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Ilyukhin Andrey Vladimirovich

Students Activity

Students studying at the department are actively involved in the work of the fund to promote the development of small enterprises in the scientific and technical field. The program supports young scientists seeking to be realized through innovative activities, and stimulating the mass participation of youth in the scientific, technical and innovative activities of «UMNIK»

As part of these activities, students received research grants:

  1. "Development of a domestic sensor for measuring vehicle mass in dynamics based on piezoceramics"
  2. “Development of an identification system for an intelligent transport system with primary processing of information on programmable logic integrated circuits (PLIS)”
  3. "The use of innovative technologies in the field of virtual and augmented reality to improve the quality of education of senior students in the practice"
  4. “Development of a control system for the transportation of asphalt mixes from the ABZ to the pavement facility”

Only in 2019, students studying at the department took part in international conferences:


"Systems of Signal Synchronization, Generating and Processing in Telecommunications"




The development of information and digital technologies at the present stage has led to the fact that such technologies are used in almost all sectors of the economy. Development trends show that enterprises that will not pay significant attention to digital technologies run the risk of lagging behind in development.
At the Moscow Automobile and Highway University, only at the Department of Automation of Production Processes specialists are trained in the field of development, operation and creation of software for microprocessor and microcontroller digital process control systems and their information support.

Where you can work

Graduates of the Department of Automation of Production Processes can work in almost any industry and economy where:

  1. Computer systems, systems and networks
  2. Automated information processing and management systems
  3. Software for computer control systems and automated control and regulation systems

The greatest focus in training is on the use of these systems in the field of construction of buildings and structures, as well as roads.

Main specialties

  1. Developers of digital control systems, collection and processing of information
  2. Programmers involved in the development of software for microprocessor control systems and programmable controllers.


125319 Moscow. Leningradstky Avenue 64

New building

audience 409н - department. Phone 8 (499) 155-08-00

audience 415н - office of the head of the department. Phone 8 (499) 155-03-05

The head of the department is Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Ilyukhin Andrey Vladimirovich.

Email address - app@madi.ru

A control stand for the flow-transport system developed by students of the department

Students of the department work with boards of the company "National Instruments"

Robotic platform developed by students of the department

Designed by students stand "Smart home"

Designed by students, the stand for the management of heat treatment of reinforced concrete products