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The full list of professors, teachers and scientific and technical workers - 12
Doctor of Sciences, Professor - 1
Candidate of Sciences, Professor - 1
Candidate of Sciences, Associate Professor - 6
Senior Lecturer - 2
Head of the office - 1
Engineer - 1



Faculty of Motor Transport, Faculty of Road and Technological machines, Energy and Environmental Faculty, Faculty of Road building, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Logistics and Transport problems, Faculty of Mechanics and Design


Philosophy, Political science, Society and civil position of a person, World political system, Fundamentals of political science, Logic, Philosophy and art, History and philosophy of science, Methodological foundations of science and technology, Philosophy of technology, Philosophical questions of natural and technical sciences, Philosophy of scientific research, Methodology of scientific cognition, Methodology of scientific research, Philosophy of technical sciences, Political life and power relations


Science Achievements

The pedagogical and scientific community of the country highly appreciated the department’s searches in the field of new methodological approaches for the organization of the educational process.Together with colleagues from Moscow State LomonosovUniversity for the first time in the countrywas developedworkshop on philosophy, which made it possible to fundamentally change the nature of the classes, introduce training and knowledge control tools using first electronic devices, computers, and then personal computers and modern gadgets.
The faculty of the department conducted an experiment in the teaching of philosophy. One of its key features was the exclusion of traditional differences between the lecture and the seminar (between small and large study groups), the groupstudents and the teacher constantly worked in an interactive mode. The experiment had a wide resonance in higher education; its results were highly appreciated by specialists and awarded with medalsof Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy (VDNH). This experience is used by us today.During the existence of the department, such famous scientists and teachers worked in its ranks, as corresponding members of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Spirkin and Mshvenieradze, Professors Levada, Burlatsky, Yudin, Skibitsky, Migranyan.



Head of the department - room number319,
contact number: 8 (499) 155-04-50
Department - room number322,
phone number of the department: 8 (499) 155-03-97,
е-mail: philosophy87@mail.ru, info@philosophy.madi.ru