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Department of Road building materials 




PhDs, Professors – 4

Candidates of Technical Sciences, Associate Professors - 6


Faculty of Road building

Energy and Environmental Faculty


Road Materials

Innovative technologies in road materials science

Construction materials

Building Materials for Bridges and Tunnels

Building Materials

Road Materials

Innovative Technologies and Materials for transport construction

Methods of modeling and forecasting the reliability and durability of materials in constructions in transport construction and road management

Nanoprocesses of structure formation and properties of composite polymineral polydisper materials with coagulation contacts

The main areas of intensification of the process of preparation, laying and sealing materials of constructive layers of road clothes

The basics of quality management in road materials science. Metrology. Standardization. Certification

Modern methods of stabilizing and strengthening soils

The theoretical basis for intensification of processes in dispersal systems 

Science Achievements

Transport Construction

Road Economy Housing and Utilities Capital Construction Military Construction

Professor, Dr. Sakharov P.V.

Professor, Ph.D.  Shestopiorov S.V.

Professor Dr. Korolev I.V.

 Professor, Dr. Gorelyshev N.V.

 Professor, Dr. Ph. Fedner L.A. 

Students Activity

Exhibitions of NTTM (VDNH),

All-Union and All-Russian competitions for the best scientific work of students,

Inter-Republican and international conferences and competitions.


Any construction production is associated with building materials. The reliability and durability of any structure depends on the reliability and durability of any structure. Professional knowledge gained at the department, allow you to realize yourself in any production and scientific team and provide in a short time career growth.

Where you can work

Organizations and enterprises of urban policy complexes, urban economy of the city of Moscow and the Moscow region, the Ministry of Transport of Russia, the State Company Avtodor, etc.