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Motor transportations





Doctors of science: 2

Candidate of science: 16


  1. Faculty of Management
  2. Faculty of Economics
  3. Faculty of Motor Transport
  4. Faculty of Logistics and Transport problems


  1. State regulation of motor transport activities
  2. Technological processes of the motor transport industry
  3. Designing the structure of the cargo and passenger transport fleet
  4. Transport and warehouse complexes
  5. Modern problems of transport science and technology
  6. Organization of transportation
  7. Organization of road transport
  8. Design of passenger route networks
  9. Organization of special passenger transportation
  10. Multimodal passenger transportation in a megalopolis
  11. Passenger transportation technology
  12. Urban transport complex
  13. Methods of survey of transport processes
  14. Design and operation of linear structures of passenger transport
  15. Basics of freight forwarding services
  16. International cargo transportation
  17. State regulation of international road transport and freight forwarding
  18. Organization of international freight forwarding
  19. Technology of cargo transportation
  20. Modeling of transport processes
  21. Transport system design methodology
  22. Transport system of the country
  23. Freight activity in transport technologies
  24. Strategic planning of road transport
  25. History and methodology of transport science
  26. Linear structures of passenger transport
  27. General course of transport
  28. History of the development of road transport
  29. Theory of transport processes and systems
  30. Cargo science
  31. Transport system of the Moscow area
  32. Social bases of transport activity
  33. Transport, loading and unloading facilities and technological processes
  34. Automation systems for road transport
  35. Multimodal transport technologies
  36. Transport security
  37. Organization of transportation of specific types of cargo
  38. Passenger transport systems
  39. Analytical and numerical methods in experimental planning and engineering analysis
  40. Theory of passenger transport systems
  41. Basis of scientific research
  42. Regulation and organization of passenger transportation by taxi
  43. Design and operation of passenger transport systems
  44. Planning of transport infrastructure and transport technologies
  45. Regulation of organization of transportation of specific cargoes
  46. Design and operation of linear structures of passenger transport
  47. Basics of organization of transport systems
  48. Organization of road transport and traffic safety
  49. History of transport
  50. Cargo and passenger transport systems
  51. Technological processes of international transport activity
  52. Organization of transportation activities
  53. Unified transport network
  54. Intellectual property
  55. Transport statistics and methods of its formation
  56. Transport and territorial forecasting
  57. Transport and territorial planning
  58. Planning of transport infrastructure development
  59. Transport forecasting and planning of agglomerations and regions
  60. State regulation of transport forecasting and planning

Science Achievements

Sphere: Urban transport, Logistics, Management of transport

Scientific discoveries (inventions, patents, etc.):

  1. Program for calculating the optimal number of taxi cars in the Moscow metropolis
  2. Program for calculating the optimal number of taxi cars
  3. Program for calculating the time of use of motor transport based on the results of the forecast of the beginning of ice phenomena on the Northern rivers of Russia
  4. Program for calculating the route of cargo delivery in a multimodal transport and technology system
  5. Program for calculating technical and operational indicators of cargo delivery under the influence of external and internal factors
  6. Research work № О380219. Analysis and development of evidence-based proposals for new methods of organizing passenger transportation using digital technologies
  7. Research work № 113

Famous scientists:

  1. Doctor of tech. sciences, professor Leonid Leonidovich Afanasiev
  2. Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, doctor of tech. sciences, professor Dmitry Petrovich Velikanov
  3. Doctor of tech. sciences, professor V. A. Ilarionov
  4. Doctor of tech. sciences, professor Vladimir Nikolaevich Ivanov
  5. Doctor of tech. sciences, professor George Ilyich Klinkovsky
  6. Doctor of tech. sciences, professor Sergey Pavlovich Artemyev
  7. Doctor of tech. sciences, professor Andrey Mikhailovich Yakobashvili
  8. Doctor of tech. sciences, professor Oleg Petrosovich Gudzhoyan

Students Activity

Students and postgraduates of the chair take an active part in student Olympiads and research activities.  Over the past 10 years, diploma projects of more than 80 graduates have become winners of the all-Russian review competition in direction of preparation 23.03.01 and 23.04.01 Technology of transport processes. Also students participate in International scientific-methodical and research conference and exhibitions, for example, International commercial vehicle exhibition COMTRANS, International exhibition of transport and logistics services and technologies TransRussia and etc.


The profile "Organization of transportation and management on transport" is relevant in modern conditions and is in demand by the country's economy. The educational activity is aimed at developing knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of transport forecasting and planning and transport logistics. The main mission of the Chair is to train highly qualified competitive specialists who are ready to work in a global and complex socio-economic environment. The work of the Chair is focused on training personnel who are able to use innovative knowledge and skills in their professional activities, as well as skills for implementing modern and innovative transport and management technologies.

Professional and career growth of graduates of the Chair is the main criterion for the quality of their training. Graduates of the Chair have proven themselves and successfully work in the sphere of transport both in Russia and abroad. As a result of training, students develop knowledge in the field of mathematical models of transport balance of various levels of aggregation, systems for optimizing transport and economic balance, calculations of transport accessibility indicators, forecasting directions and volumes of transport, transport logistics, methods for modeling transport flows in conditions of large-scale problems, as well as techniques for decomposing models and using high-performance computing systems for modeling.

Where you can work

The Chair actively interacts with many specialized enterprises and organizations on issues of employment, including:

  1. Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation
  2. Ministry of transport and road infrastructure of the Moscow region
  3. Department of transport and development of road transport infrastructure of the city of Moscow
  4. Mosgortrans
  5. Moscow Parking Space Administrator
  6. CODD
  7. Moscow administrative road inspection (MADI)
  8. "MosgortransNIIproekt»

Objects of professional activity:

  1. Organizations and transport enterprises engaged in the transportation of passengers, cargo and baggage, providing infrastructure for use, performing loading and unloading operations;
  2. Logistics services for production and trade organizations;
  3. Transport-forwarding enterprises and organizations;
  4. Services of the state transport inspection, marketing services, divisions for the study and maintenance of the transport services market;
  5. Production and sales organizations and enterprises of information support of production and technological systems;
  6. Research and development organizations in the field of transport technology and transport process technology;
  7. Organizations that carry out educational activities in the main professional educational programs and in the main professional training programs;
  8. Samples of ground transport equipment for various purposes; normative and technical documentation on ground transport equipment and technology;
  9. Methods and means of testing, quality control of ground transport objects in General, as well as individual units, subsystems and parts.
  10. Types of professional activity:
  11. Research activities in universities, industrial enterprises, institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in the field of land transport technology;


Head of chair

BLUDYAN Norayr Oganesovich

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