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The year of 1992. The history of creation of specialties of the faculty of Management is inextricably linked with the development of road transport, road construction, intensive motorization and processes of informatization and automation of management. At the head of the process of creating new specialties at MADI was the rector, honored worker of science and technology of Russia, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor Leonid Afanasiev. In the 60s, the faculty of "Automobile transport" created specializations, and then specialties: "Automobile transportation", "Organization and safety of road traffic", "Economics of automobile transport" and "Economics of road construction".

The year of 1977. It was decided to create the faculty of transport and traffic Management on the basis of the specialties "Road transport" and "traffic Safety". Dean of the faculty Professor Alexander Dyakov.
The year 1992. In connection with the creation of a new organizational structure of the University, the faculty of Economics is created which includes students of the specialty "Economics of automobile transport", and the faculty gets a new name-the faculty of Management. Alexander Bezhanovich Chubukov was elected Dean of the faculty.


Applied mathematics

Automated control systems

Motor transportations

Road traffic management and safety


Social studies and management


Bachelor Programs

Master Programs 

Post-graduate Training Programs, Doctoral Programs, Research Studies


The faculty has about 2000 students of full-time and evening studying time. More than 100 foreign students from 28 countries for the far and near abroad.

Science Achievements

Students developed an autonomous car. The car was developed in cooperation with other departments. It was tested in the «Caravan» project on Taman Peninsula near the Crimean bridge, May 7, 2018. The project showed itself very reliable, qualitative and suitable for high standards. Also the beeIT-MADI (Drone Swarm) project was developed by the students in cooperation with professors. Drones are used for laser scanning and digital twinning of transport infrastructure facilities. Team participated in the All-Russian youth educational forum “Territory of meanings on Klyazma”, from July 13, 2018 to July 19, 2018. The department conducted research in the application of quantum algorithms for route optimization, vehicle distribution and swarm management in M2X ecosystems. One of the best projects developed by the department is electronic "coupling" - control of a complex of cleaning machines by one operator or dispatcher. The machines are equipped with two systems: GPS tracking and the Remote Truck Interface system, which allows one operator to control vehicle functions and exchange data.

Also on board is a V2V communication system. The software is configured in such a way that one of the snow removal machines can be designated as a leader, after which it will direct the actions of the column through the V2V connection. At the moment, the scientific activities of the department are: 4 large research and production programs by order of the government of the Russian Federation, implemented in the framework of federal target programs, 12 scientific research works which already have proven its efficiency, 6 monographs, 18 educational manuals, more than 250 articles and reports, 8 collections of scientific works.

At the Department of Sociology and Management, the field of scientific research is developing:  

-  Improving the recruitment system in the banking sector.

-  Assertiveness and emotional intelligence in personnel management.

-  Development and application of a digital tool for a mentoring system in the personnel management of an organization.

-  Talent management as an element of the organization’s personnel development strategy.

-   Adaptive system for managing the process of self-organization of students of a technical university.

Students Activity

Students of the department participate in different information technology and project management competitions, such as Honor Cup by Huawei Company (IT), International competition of projects education and science (PM), Business hackathon by Intelligent transport systems of Russia. Also students participate in International Collegiate Programming Contests (Territory of meanings on Klyazma, Technotrack, IT-Planet, Moscode, Student Olympiad «I am a professional», ICPC, Facebook Hacker Cup, Yandex.Algorithm, Russian Code Cup, Mail.ru Cup, Honor Cup, TechCrunch Disrupt, Codechef Snackdown, Google code jam).
Department of Sociology and Management

Our students actively participate in various student olympiads, hackathons, case championships, win them and take prizes in the individual and team events. Among the numerous awards - 1 place and the GRAND PRIX of the All-Russian student olympiads for personnel management in the individual and team championships in 2014-2019;

1st place of the All-Russian Olympiad for the management of the KVAZAR project in 2018 (the organizer is the Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation);

Diplomas of Laureates of the All-Russian Student Olympiad in the discipline "Management of innovative activity";

High Quality Award diplomas of the Cup Moscow Case Championship;

Diplomas of winners and laureates of the inter-university Olympiad in psychology and many others.

Why Faculty

All graduating departments have qualified teaching staff with a basic education corresponding to the profile of the direction of training, and engaged in scientific and scientific-methodological activities.

More than 40 people have various honorary titles, titles of academicians and corresponding members of public academies. Up to 70% of teachers of graduating departments have academic degrees and titles. The average age of teachers is 53 years.

All departments of the faculty actively conduct research aimed at the creation of advanced technologies, methods and tools, as well as introduce new technologies into the educational process at the university and its branches. The subject of research work of the graduating departments is diverse and corresponds to the profile of the preparation of bachelors and masters. The faculty traditionally takes leading positions at the university in organizing research work.

A significant amount of work in the departments of the faculty is carried out by order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, as well as other organizations, ministries and departments.

Where you can work

Getting the qualification of an engineer in "transport Organization and management" or a bachelor's degree in "transport process Technology", graduates can work at transport and operational enterprises, territorial customs, terminal systems, transport inspection, and master's degree graduates in design and research institutes and enterprises.

Graduates of the specialty "Organization and traffic safety" work in the system of The state Inspectorate for road safety of the Ministry of internal Affairs, transport inspection, in the traffic safety services of motor transport enterprises.

Graduates of the Institute with a degree in "Automated information processing and management systems" can work in research and design organizations and design bureaus for the development, design and operation of automated and intelligent control systems.

Graduates of the specialty "personnel Management" work in personnel services and personnel managers in government and commercial organizations of various profiles, in employment services, personnel (recruitment), consulting and other companies.


The dean’s office is located in the laboratory building of MADI, on the 7th floor ( 707 room )



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