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The Chair of Geodesy and Geoinformatics

Founded in




Total staff members 22, among them:  1 D.Sc., 5 Ph.D., 6  M.Sc.;                  2 Laboratory Heads, 2 Technical Engineers and 6 Laboratory Assistants.



Related Faculties, Chairs  and Qualifications

Road Construction Faculty  


"Survey and Design of Roads"

"Construction and Maintenance of Roads"

 "Bridges, Tunnels and Building Structures"

 "Building Mechanics"

  "Airports, Engineering Geology and Geotechnics"


Bachelor: Highway Engineering (0803011); Road, Bridge and Tunnel  Engineering (0803015); Airfield Engineering (0803012)

Specialization (Equivalent to M.Sc. in Civil Engineering):

Construction of Motorways, Airfields and Special Structures (0805011.

Energy and Ecology Faculty.


" Technosphere Security"


Bachelor: "Environmental Engineering" (2003011)

Subjects taught

1. Surveying
2. Engineering Surveying
3. The Basics of Aerial Surveying
4. The Basics of Photogrammetry
5. History of Construction
6. Introduction into Transport Construction
7.  Engineering and Geodetic Works in Construction
8. Geoinformation Systems
9. Geographic Information Systems in Construction
10. Information Technologies in Construction
11.Global Navigation Satellite System Technologies in Road and Street Design
12. Automated Road Design in Special Conditions
13.  The Basics of Digital Mapping
14.  Training Practice: survey
15. Training Practice: survey 1 (geodetic)
16. Training Practice: The Practice for Obtaining Primary Professional Skills
17. Training Practice:  The Practice for Obtaining Primary Professional Skills

including Primary Skills of Research Works

Achievements (scientific)

The main scientific achievements
Since the very foundation of MADI the Chair was headed by a famous scientist, professor P.I. Shilov (from 1930 to 1971). He formulated a new scientific direction for substantiating the accuracy of engineering and geodetic works in survey, design, construction and maintenance


of roads, bridges, tunnels and airfields, using mathematical methods of optimization, developed programs and teaching methodologies for the subjects like “geodesy”, “engineering geodesy” and “aerial geodesy » in civil engineering, the first textbooks on these subjects. The Chaired established modern laboratories for engineering geodesy and aerial geodesy, equipped with an extensive sets of geodetic and stereophotogrammetric equipment for teaching the students and conducting research works.
After P.I. Shilov (from 1971 to 1985) the Chair was headed by another famous scientist, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation, D.Sc., Professor V.I. Fedorov. With his students, he developed a new scientific direction in research and design works using aeromethods that became extremely relevant later in technologies to the automated design of roads and structures on them (CAD-R). He is also the author of a number of textbooks and teaching guides on engineering geodesy and aerial geodesy, which are in use even today.
From 1985 to 2015  A  Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the Russian Federation, Academician of the Academy of Transport of the Russian Federation, D. Sc., Professor G.A. Fedotov became  The Head of the Chair. He, with his students, created multi-vectored  research works:
-  elaboration and improvement of methods and technologies for the of survey works of roads and bridge crossings to “CAD-R” level using the methods and tools for collecting field data based on modern digital photo-theodolite, electronic tacheometers and aero-space (GPS / GLONASS) surveys and ground and aerial scanning of the terrain;
- elaboration and improvement of computer-aided design methods for roads and structures on them (CAD-R);
-developments of research methods and designing of bridge crossings and  software program packages  worked-out for computing the complex parameters of bridge crossings;
 -development of analytical methods for the hydrometeorological substantiation of projects of roads and bridge crossings, mathematical models of rainwater runoff from small catchment basins;
- research works to improve automated design methods for the optimal surface drainage system with geodetic support;
- research works and elaboration of technologies and methods for stereophotogrammetric processing of aerial photographs based on digital photogrammetry, collection of location information by using thermal aerial surveys in the infrared spectrum of electromagnetic waves.
Under the guidance of Professor G.A. Fedotov  were defended 2 D.Sc.,  and  more than 20 Ph.D. theses. He wrote a number of monographs,  encyclopedias, handbooks, textbooks and guidebooks on computer-aided design system for roads (CAD-R), research and design of roads and bridge crossings, geodesy, aerial geodesy, etc. (a total of about 150 scientific and educational works).
Since 2016, the Chair is headed by D. Sc.,  Academician of the Russian Academy of Transport, Professor, author of more than 100 scientific, methodological and educational publications in the fields like computer-aided design of roads and geographic information technologies V.N. Boykov. As a well-known scientist and practitioner, one of the leading experts in the road construction sphere, he is a member of the Scientific and Technical Council of the State Company “Avtodor”,  head of the section "Information Technologies and Intelligent Transport Systems",  the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the well-known “Indore group”. He is developing a scientific direction “Information Modeling of Roads” (IMR) for managing objects throughout their entire life cycle in a single information space. He opened a new educational and research laboratory “Information Geodetic Technologies and GIS”, equipped with computers and software packages “IndorCAD”, “IndorRoad”, “IndorDraw”, “IndorDesign”, “IndorPavement”, “IndorSigns”, “IndorSurvey”, etc.
Currently, the department is working on the following scientific and practical problems:
- the Use of Geographic Information Systems in Road Construction;
-Application of Global Navigation Satellite Systems in the Research Work for Roads, Bridges and Airfields;
-the Use of Photogrammetry in Road Construction;
- the Possibility of Using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in Surveys and Diagnostics of Roads.
The Chair organizes an annual collective participation of Chair’s teachers in the scientific and scientific-methodical conference organized by the  MADI.


Students activity

Students under the Chair participate in Research Circles, Scientific Conferences, Symposia and Exhibitions. During the general education process, the students, along with their regular studies, take part in research activities too. During the laboratory and practical classes, mainly in the geodetic (surveying) training practices, all of the students solve a certain set of engineering-geodetic and scientific research tasks determined by the working programs. Subsequently, many of them participate in various competitions or contests. For example, over the past 2 years at the Annual  All-Russian Contest of BIM-technology, organized with the support of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation, The Construction Company “Rosavtodor”, the University of “Minstroy”, the Union of Architects of Russia and the Higher School of Economics, in the nomination “Student Work” the projects of our students have won prizes for 2 years continuously. In 2018, the first place in this competition was taken by a project worked out by our students D. Margaryan and A. Reshetko, relataed to a road sector “Section of the Arbatov-Chernomorsk Highway”. In 2019, the 3rd place in the same nomination was won by the project of Y. Varnakov, I. Lebedev and T. Zinatullin named "A series of modular bridge crossings on the highway to the Elginsky Coal  Deposit”.




 - is one of the oldest university with a worldwide reputation and strong education traditions in automobile and road construction fields;
- is  the only university of its kind in the European part of the Russian Federation and basic for the whole country in many aspects;
- has highly qualified teaching staff in every faculty;
- is one of the best university in Russia for teaching foreign students in   automobile and highway profiles;
- has a of pre-university  faculty that includes  a department for pre-university teaching;
- also includes:
 1) The Moscow Center of Highway Engineering Education
 2) The Preparatory  Branch (Department) with various courses of pre-university education;
3) The preparatory faculty for foreign citizens (since 1960) having highly qualified teachers with significant experiences and knowledge of the methodology of teaching Russian language to foreigners;
- has a set of well-organized extracurricular activities;
- has an integrated household infrastructure;
- has the provision of dormitories.


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"Engineering Surveying" Laboratory (Room 409)

“Aerial Surveying”  Laboratory (Room 406)

"Innovative Geodetic Technologies and GIS"  Laboratory (Room 403)