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Airports, engineering geology and geotechnics




22 employees, including 17 teachers, including 9 candidates of sciences, 3 doctors of sciences


Faculty of Road building

Faculty of Road and Technological machines


Aerodrome research and design

Aerodrome operation

Aerodrome construction

Fundamentals of scientific research in airport construction,

Modern methods for repairing airfield coatings

Engineering networks and equipment

Automated aerodrome design

Vertical layout of airfields

Airport Production Base

Reconstruction of buildings

Monitoring and reconstruction of aerodromes

Flight safety

Technology and organization of construction

Technological processes in construction

Fundamentals of metrology, standardization, certification and quality control

History of transport construction

Industry history

Fundamentals of aircraft and aerodrome equipment

Soil mechanics

Road soil science


Inspection and testing of structures

Fundamentals of Reliability Theory

Airfield construction in special conditions

Scientific support for the design and construction of structures

Design of drainage and drainage systems for an airfield

Structural Design Automation

Aerodrome Design under Special Conditions

Science Achievements

Scientific interests of the department: Construction and design of roads and airfields

Teachers of the department published 115 textbooks and monographs, about 42 teaching aids and developments, 31 copyright certificates and a number of regulatory documents

The educational process is provided with textbooks, teaching aids and guidelines that meet the requirements of the State Educational Standards of Higher Professional Education. The teachers of the department wrote a number of fundamental textbooks with the signature stamp of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation:

 "Research and design of airfields" (G.I. Glushkov, V.E. Trigoni and others)

"Operation of airfields" (L.I. Goretsky)

"Construction of airfields" (L.I. Goretsky, A.M. Boguslavsky, V.A. Serebrennikov V.A., etc.)

The staff of the department developed 6 textbooks:

Stepushin A.P., Saburenkova V.A.

"Fundamentals of Scientific Research in Airport Engineering",

Leshchitskaya T.P., Popov V.A.

"Modern methods of repair of airfield coatings",

Leshchitskaya T.P., Yurchenko A.I., Pakhomov V.A.

"Repair and restoration of asphalt concrete pavement by regeneration methods",

Yurchenko A.I.

"Improving the durability of asphalt concrete airfield coatings",

Sadovoy V.D.

"Bessel differential equations",

Saburenkova V.A.

"Engineering networks and equipment".

The results of research work are embedded in regulatory and methodological documents on the design, construction and operation of airports (SNiP 2.05.08.-85, SNiP 32-03-96, NAS GA-85, Guidelines for the design of drainage and artificial coverings at aerodromes, recommendations and computer software packages for the design of airfield structures, etc.).

Students Activity



Education at this department is aimed at training specialists who are able to effectively solve the following urgent tasks of airport construction:

Development and implementation in practice of designing airports of probabilistic methods for calculating the structures of airfield coatings and elements of the airfield in the plan.

Development of a methodology for assessing bearing capacity and predicting the residual life of airfield coatings at existing airports.

Study of the operational and technical condition of airfield coatings at existing airports and development of recommendations for their strengthening and repair.

Theoretical studies to improve the existing method for calculating the elements of the drainage and drainage system of airfields.

Development of a software package for computer-aided design of the vertical layout of aerodrome runways.

Research on the development of a comprehensive assessment of the quality of construction (reconstruction, repair) of airfield clothing.

Development of a new regulatory framework for airport design (in conjunction with the State Inspectorate and Research Institute of Aeroproject GAI, GIPRO Research Institute of Aviaprom, 26 CAAI of the RF Ministry of Defense, CJSC Progresstech Ltd and CJSC Irmast-Holding.

Development of new and clarification of existing regulatory methods for calculating reinforced concrete structures based on various aggregates and binders used in buildings and structures for transport purposes (together with the Research Institute of Reinforced Concrete).

Assessment of the bearing capacity of building structures of structures when changing their space-planning or functional purpose.

Development of issues for the development and improvement of the typology and infrastructure of integrated road service facilities on main roads.

Where you can work

Graduates of the department can successfully work in the following areas: civil engineer in the field of construction of unique buildings and structures, design and research of airfields, specialist in assessing the technical condition of airfield coatings, specialist in promising areas of development of airport construction, research fellow


Head of the Department Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. Chistyakov I.V.

Teaching - aud. 317, phone: 8 (499) 155-03-77

Laboratory for Testing Airfield Structures - Room 7, Telephone: 8 (499) 155-04-74

Email: airports@madi.ru









The laboratory base of the department includes two laboratories designed to test educational models of coatings and structures for bulk structures of airports. The laboratories have a soil tray and a hydraulic unit PGS-100-2 for testing plate models. Tests are conducted for both static and dynamic loads using strain gauge. On the basis of these laboratories, research is carried out in the main areas of the department and laboratory work for students.