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Road survey and design


"Road survey and design" departments




14 teachers, including 10 Doctors and Ph.D.


The department teaches the following faculties: Road Construction, Management, Road Transport, Environmental and Energy, Economic and Correspondence faculty.


The department teaches the following disciplines: Road survey and design, Transport planning of cities, the Basics of surveying bridge and tunnel crossings, the Basics of road designing, Vertical layout of streets and roads, Automated design of roads, Road conditions and traffic safety, Environmental aspects of road design, Industry technology - automobile roads, Access roads to airports, Transport infrastructure, Transport routes - technological constructions, Transport and operational qualities of automobile roads and city streets.

Science Achievements

The department work is widely used for the design of roads and city streets, bridge crossings, for the development of measures improving traffic safety and environmental protection. A significant number of regulatory documents on road design were developed with the participation of the department teachers. In 2017, they obtained the patent for invention No. 2638202 "The device for measuring the strength of pavement by dynamic loading”.

Famous scientists worked at the department: the Professor D.P. Krynin, P.N. Shestakov, G.D. Dubelir, V.F. Babkov, O.V. Andreev, and E.M. Lobanov.

Students Activity

The department students participate in international student olympiads for the following field: 08.03.01 "Construction profile "Roads", and in republican competitions of graduate qualification works.


The graduates of the department are greatly demanded by road design and operational organizations, since, along with traditional knowledge on road design, they have mastered the methods of computer-aided design and the use of geographic information systems.

Where you can work

Road, industrial and civil engineering, Design engineers, builders, operators.


Moscow, Leningradsky avenue, 64. ipd@madi.ru