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Theory of mechanics


Department of Theoretical Mechanics


September of 1931


13 (incl. candidates of science - 9, Ph.D. - 2)


Faculty of Motor Transport,

Faculty of Road and Technological machines,

Energy and Environmental Faculty,

Faculty of Road building,

Faculty of Management,

Faculty of Mechanics and Design


Theoretical mechanics,

Analytical mechanics,

Engineering mechanics,

Kinematics and dynamics of robotic systems,

Vibrations of mechanical systems and vibration protection

Science Achievements

The main areas of scientific interests of the department are mathematical modeling of mechanical systems and mechatronic systems including modeling of vehicle vibrations, modeling of interaction of tire and road, research in the field of the ride comfort and dynamic stability of the vehicle, suspension control.

Device for longitudinal road roughness measuring has been developed at the department (PN 166500). It makes possible to collect data at travelling speed up to 80 kmph. The Department of Theoretical Mechanics, in collaboration with other departments, developed Accelerated Pavement Testing Facility. Associate Professor of the department is one of the authors of a patent “Car run on hydrogen without hydrogen on board” (PN 6347835 - Japan).

The founder of the department is Professor A. Khachaturov. Under his leadership, a scientific school was created to study the dynamics of the system "road-tire-vehicle-driver". At the turn of the third millennium, the department was headed by Professor V. Zhigarev, who continued to form the scientific direction of the department. Professor Pospelov A.D., a well-known specialist in the mechanics, resistance of materials and artillery science, the author of 9 patents, worked at the department for more than 20 years.


Students Activity

Every year the department organizes a contest in theoretical mechanics among students of MADI. The best students take part in the Olympiad in theoretical mechanics among technological universities in Moscow.


Knowledge of theoretical mechanics is necessary to perform any engineering calculations. Professors of the Department of Theoretical Mechanics have vast experience in training specialists. Studying at the Department of Theoretical Mechanics, you will get the opportunity to develop creative thinking and gain knowledge that will be in demand in professional activities.



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Laboratory for longitudinal road roughness measuring

Accelerated Pavement Testing Facility