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Machinery Parts and Theory of Mechanisms


Department of Machinery Parts and Theory of Mechanisms


1931 г.


28 employees, including 22 teachers, 5 of which are doctors of science and 13 are candidates of science


Faculty of Motor Transport, Faculty of Road and Technological machines, Energy and Environmental Faculty, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Mechanics and Design


Theory of mechanisms and machines, Machine parts and construction fundamentals, Design fundamentals, Applied mechanics, State standards for technical documentation, Computer technologies in mechanical engineering, Design solutions and operating modes of mechanical devices, Mechanisms and technological machines, Uncontrolled machines and machines with control systems, New structural materials, Fundamentals of scientific research and experimental design, Fundamentals of tribology, Pedagogy and Psychology of Higher Education, Design and manufacturing of machine components and assemblies, Efficiency of technological machines and their elements, Mechanism accuracy, Dynamics of friction systems, Dynamic loading of structural elements in operation, Information technologies in education, Computer technologies for modeling mechanical systems, Modern design methods, Composition and structure of machines and mechanisms, Structural and parametric synthesis of mechanisms, Heading control of a wheeled vehicle, Operation and disposal of machine components and parts

Science Achievements

Department of Machinery Parts and Theory of Mechanisms  was successively led by prominent scientists in the field of machines calculation, design and research: Professor Evgeny Mikhailovich Gutiar, Ph.D. tech. sciences, associate professor Alexander Pavlovich Vladzievsky, professor Sergey Gavrilovich Kochergin, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the RSFSR, Doctor of Engineering. Sciences, Professor Georgy Sergeevich Maslov, Ph.D. tech. sciences, professor Andrey Borisovich Konyaev, doctor of technical sciences, professor Vladimir Vasilievich Grib. An invaluable contribution to scientific school development was made by Georgy Sergeevich Maslov, a well-known specialist in the field of dynamics, theory of oscillations and machine strength. He prepared more than 20 PhD's of technical sciences. Maslov G.S. was a scientific consultant for 10 doctors of technical sciences, the author of 150 scientific papers. The textbook "Applied Mechanics", written by G.S. Maslov together with G.B. Iosilevich and G.B. Stroganov, remains the best textbook for students of non-machine-engineering majors.

Well-known specialists in the tracked vehicles field worked at the Department at different times (PhD. of technical science, professor V.A. Baldin, PhD. of technical sciences, associate professor A.N. Malinovsky, PhD. of technical sciences, professor A.B. Konyaev, PhD. of Technical Science, Associate Professor A.A. Zagudaev); friction and wear of friction materials (PhD. of technical Sciences, associate professor I.M. Zeltserman); automotive industry (doctor of technical sciences, professor R.V. Rotenberg); design and calculation of machine parts (doctor of technical sciences, professor E.G. Isaev, PhD. of technical science, associate professor S.K. Sharonov, G.G. Bulgakov, PhD. of technical science, associate professor V.A. Mikhailova); wave transmissions (PhD. of technical sciences V.V. Makarov-Zdrok).

Many years (1986-1992), teachers of the Department (G.S. Maslov, I.M. Zeltserman, V.A. Makarov-Zdrok, V.F. Vodeyko, E.A. Samylin, V.S. Artemyev, R.V. Gorbatov) conducted work on the creation of a new road rollers transmission using wave transmissions. At the same time, design and development work was underway to create a road roller with flexible rollers.

The Department is actively conducting research and development in the following research areas.

Research subject of scientific school representatives under the Department head guidance, doctor of technical sciences, professor M. Yu. Karelina are theoretical and applied works in the field of surface engineering, chemistry and material science.

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Karelina M.Yu. and Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, professor of Department of Machinery Parts and Theory of Mechanisms S. Gaidar have significant experience in the interphase physical and chemical processes study, nanoscale systems, organic synthesis, tribotechnical preparations effectiveness based on nanomaterials, use of innovative paints and lacquering materials modified with fluorine-containing surfactants to protect against corrosion, restoration and hardening technologies for construction and road equipment machines, compositions development of cutting fluids with specified functional properties.

Studies results on this topic are widely in demand by enterprises operating vehicles, including dual-use equipment, working in tropical climates, Far North and the Arctic to improve operational characteristics, increase resource, safety, retention, increase corrosion resistance. In the field of surface engineering also conducts research Ph.D., associate professor, associate professor of the Department of Machinery Parts and Theory of Mechanisms  I.V. Odinokova.

Together with RSAU - Moscow Agricultural Academy named after K.A. Timiryazeva participate in the project "Development of technologies for producing highly effective protective materials against atmospheric corrosion using raw materials of plant origin and fluorine-containing surface-active substances" included in the Program of Scientific Research and Technological Work of the Joint Russian-Vietnamese Tropical Research and Technological Center (Tropical center).

Within of this scientific direction, dissertations for PhD. of technical sciences degree, including foreign graduate students, are being carried out. Currently, three graduate students from the Syrian Arab Republic are studying at the Department (Magrakona Zayn Alabidin, Khaidar Sami - supervisor, Doctor of technical science, professor Karelina M.Yu.; Mohammad Jalal - supervisor, PhD., associate professor Odinokova I.V.).

A scientific school, led by a doctor of technical sciences, associate professor, assistant professor Department of Machinery Parts and Theory of Mechanisms, conducts a theoretical search and applied research in the field of decision theory, uncertain states of the research environment, intelligent systems, and multi-criteria problems. Under the guidance of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Terentyev A.V. a number of research and development works were carried out, including: “Development of a methodology for calculating the production program for technical maintenance and technical repair of vehicles, the regulations of which do not provide for major repairs” (GSC “Gruzavtotrans” Association, FSBEI HE “NMSU“ Gorny ”, 2016), “Development of urban passenger transportation route planning algorithms” carried out as part of State Contract No. 44/18 (Development of an Integrated Information System for the Management of St. Petersburg City and Suburban Passenger Transport (KISU GPPT), “Zoning Method on the Basis of Hierarchical Relationship of Probabilities of Possible Environmental Conditions, as an effective tool for obtaining solutions in multicriteria problems solved in difficult conditions of an uncertain state of the research environment (2018 South Savo Vocational College “Esedu”, Mikkele, Finland). In the process of conducting research, certificates for a utility model were obtained.

One of the new areas of scientific research and applied development is increasing speed and traction-speed properties of small-class planing amphibious machines, headed by PhD. Filatov V.V. Research results are in demand, have prospects for use in the defense industry, in the design of dual-purpose vehicles. Filatov V.V. together with colleagues received a number of patents for inventions.

One of the important areas of scientific research carried out at the Department of Machinery Parts and Theory of Mechanisms is work in the field of engineering pedagogy, interdisciplinary cross-cultural and transversal communications research. Scientists of the Department of Machinery Parts and Theory of Mechanisms  conduct a scientific search in collaboration with scientists from the Russian Federation, CIS member states, Mongolia, Vietnam, Germany, Italy and others.

Students Activity

Department of Machinery Parts and Theory of Mechanisms is actively working to guide the scientific work of students, participate in specialized Olympiads and competitions. In 2013, in the third round of the open All - Russian student Olympiad on the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms (the first international Olympiad on TMM under the auspices of the International Association of Automobile and Road Education-MAADO), the MADI team took 3rd place in the team championship.

In 2016, in the regional stage of the all-Russian student Olympiad "Machine Parts and Design basics", the MADI team took the second place in the team championship.

Students' research papers prepared under the guidance of teachers of the Department of Machinery Parts and Theory of Mechanisms have repeatedly won prizes in various competitions. In the 2017 final of the Foresight Auto competition, graduate students of the Department of Machinery Parts and Theory of Mechanisms were among the 10 finalists who presented their foresight ideas, projects and developments to the expert jury. The results of the voting of experts, the Diploma of II degree received Rakhmatov Rahmatjon Islamovic post-graduate student of the 4th course of the Department of Machinery Parts and Theory of Mechanisms with the work "Development and improvement of design methods and studies of treatment systems of exhaust gases of motor vehicles by vibroacoustic parameters," Diploma of III degree - Filatov Vladimir Viktorovich post-graduate student 2-year student of the Department of Machinery Parts and Theory of Mechanisms MADI with the work "High-Speed amphibious light class (Amphibious Quad Bike)".

Currently, the Department is actively involved in the preparation of works of students and young scientists to participate in the competition "UMNIK" of the Foundation for the promotion of innovation.

In January - April 2019 the 77 research and scientific conference MADI and research student conference MADI with the active participation of the curator of the student scientific community of MADI Guryev Boris A. was the selection of applications for participation in the semifinals of the grant competition "UMNIK-Moscow youth start 2019" at the site of MADI and in the semifinals of the grant contest "UMNIK-Tekhnet" and "UMNIK-Avtonet the" State program of the National technology initiative (NTI 2019).

Under the guidance of the head of the Department of Machinery Parts and Theory of Mechanisms, Professor Karelina Maria Yurievna, 6 applications were prepared:

- Marusin A.V., Ph. D., associate Professor of the Department of Machinery Parts and Theory of Mechanisms "Software development for evaluating the effectiveness of automatic registration of administrative offenses " (platform "UMNIK-AutoNet" NTI-2019);

- Simonov D. S., assistant of the Department of Machinery Parts and Theory of Mechanisms "Development of a combined technology for modifying the surface of steel products using chemical and thermal treatment and ultrasound" (platform "UMNIK TechNet" NTI-2019);

- Gaidar M. S., student of group 4MS3 "Development of a lubricant-cooling liquid for metal cutting" (platform "UMNIK-TechNet" NTI-2019);

- Akulov A. A., student of group 4A3 "Development of a mobile installation for local galvanizing of the car body during repair and restoration works" (platform "UMNIK-TechNet" NTI-2019);

- Ivanov Yu. S., student of group 3A2 "Development of a smart augmented reality mirror" (NTI-2019 "UMNIK-TechNet" platform);

- Fomin V. V., student of group 3A3 "Production of high-performance turbochargers" (NTI - 2019 platform "UMNIK-TechNet").


Studying at the Department of Machinery Parts and Theory of Mechanisms, initiative students are given ample opportunities to start realizing their scientific ambitions in technical scientific areas in which research is conducted at the Department, and to prepare papers for participation in student competitions, including those with an economic component. For international students and postgraduates studying at the Department, managers provide the opportunity to study on an individual trajectory, performing work depending on the needs of the country they represent. An important aspect is the possibility of early defense of the thesis.

Where you can work*

The results of research and development have been widely used in various areas of the economy and economics, including in enterprises operating motor vehicles, the military-industrial complex, road construction equipment, in ensuring road safety, reducing accidents and deaths in road accidents.

Graduates of master's and postgraduate programs can implement their professional skills at enterprises engaged in road construction, cargo transportation, passenger transportation, enterprises for repair and maintenance of equipment, traffic management, enterprises and research institutes of the military-industrial complex, and others.


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