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Road traffic management and safety


Road traffic management and safety


1974 г.


Number of employees 31, teachers 22, including 10 candidates of science and 4 doctors of science


Faculty of Motor Transport

Energy and Environmental Faculty

Faculty of Management

Faculty of Logistics and Transport problems

Faculty of Road building


The following special disciplines are taught at the Department:

Bachelor's degree:

History and main directions of development of traffic organization and safety.

Basics of road user interaction safety

General course of transport

Transport psychology

Computing and networks in the industry

Information technologies in transport

Electronics and microprocessor technology in the automobile

Transport law

Survey of the road network and traffic flow parameters

Transport flow theory

Methodological bases of training и improving the skills of vehicle drivers

Technical instruments of traffic management

Intelligent transport system (ITS)

Improving the safety of road conditions

Organization of transport services and safety of the transport process

Safety of motor vehicles

Traffic management

Expert analysis of accidents

Transport systems of cities and regions

The Economics of the industry

Traffic simulation

Logical devices in traffic management and road safety

Decision-making systems in Intelligent transport system (ITS)

Road safety management

Legal regulation in the field of traffic management

Design of schemes of road traffic organization

Management of projects of traffic organization

Development of intelligent transport system projects


Master's degree:

Theory of transport processes and systems

Modern problems of transport science and technology

Intellectual property

Modern means of simulation of transport complexes

Modern methods of expert investigation of accidents

Billing systems in Intelligent transport system (ITS)

Requirements for developing documents for Intelligent transport system (ITS)

Projects (Automated traffic management system).

Intelligent transport system (ITS). Cooperative systems.

Integrated approaches to the development of Intelligent transport system (ITS) projects (Automated traffic management system).

Modern requirements for the structural and operational safety of the automobile

Science Achievements

Worked at the Department and continue their activities known scientists and highly qualified specialists, among which stand out the rector of MADI, Professor Afanas'ev, Leonid Leonidovich, Professor of Klinkovsky George Ilyich, Professor Kremenets Yuri Alexandrovich, Professor Zhankaziev Sultan Vladimirovich, Professor Rabchinsky Anatoly Iosifovich.

The scientific school of the Department, established in MADI under the leadership of honored workers of science and technology: L.L. Afanasiev, V.F. Babkov, A.I. Ryabchinsky, professors G.I. Klinkovstein, now continues to develop under the leadership of the head of the Department, Professor Sultan V. Zhankaziev. The scientific activity of the Department is related to the development and improvement of the field of organization and road safety, the development of intelligent transport systems in Russia, the design of unmanned vehicles and systems that ensure the introduction of highly automated vehicles.

Students Activity

Traditionally, the final works of students of the Department take the first place in all-Russian competitions of student works.

Bachelors and Masters of the Department take an active part in the annual scientific and practical conference of MADI.


Graduates of the Department are in demand specialists in the professional field, so the percentage of employment in the specialty from year to year remains at the highest level and exceeds 95 percent.


For the organization of a modern approach to the educational process and highly qualified training of students, the Department has formed a modern database with the necessary methodological materials (qualification characteristics of the specialty, curricula, programs of profile disciplines, laboratory practice, topics of course and diploma projects).

The Department has four well-equipped specialized laboratories where students can get and practically master the knowledge that they received in theoretical classes.

1) Laboratory of traffic management systems. This laboratory contains unique Technical instruments of traffic management, collected from leading companies that deal with these issues;

2) Laboratory of active and passive safety problems. In this laboratory, stands are installed that allow students to get acquainted with the elements of active and passive car safety. in the same laboratory, a computer class is placed with original methods for in-depth study of lecture courses on traffic management, motor psychology, driver training methodology, etc.

3) Laboratory of psychophysiology of driver behavior. This laboratory has a complex for studying the psychophysiology of driver behavior that works on the principle of a polygraph with tracking of the driver's gaze, as well as an auto-trainer with a panoramic screen. This laboratory is involved in the educational process in the framework of studying the driver's behavioral characteristics in various situations, as well as evaluating the driver's perception of modern traffic management systems and other technical solutions in the field of organization, road safety and intelligent transport systems.

4) Laboratory for simulation of traffic and pedestrian flows. This laboratory has a computer lab equipped with specialized software PTV Visim and Visum that allows students to learn the basics of micro and macro modeling of transport flows. This laboratory is used in the educational process in order to develop students ' competencies in the field of transport modeling in a software product that is relevant on the Russian market both in government agencies and in commercial organizations engaged in the development of road traffic management projects, transport planning, as well as the introduction of modern traffic management systems.

5) Problem laboratory of road safety named after L. L. Afanasiev. This laboratory develops policy in the field of road safety and develops cooperation with industrial enterprises and scientific organizations of the Russian Federation and foreign countries based on the results of scientific and educational activities.

6) Smart road testing complex. This laboratory is located at the MADI test site (34th kilometer of the Leningrad highway) and is designed to develop practical knowledge in the field of traffic management and safety and intelligent transport systems. This laboratory is equipped with modern equipment installed on the roads of the Russian Federation. The purpose of this laboratory is to conduct practical tests of road equipment and subsystems in order to assess their effectiveness before implementation on a real road.

Where you can work*

Graduates of the Department solve such tasks as: participation in the implementation of research, development of projects and programs; providing methodological and practical assistance in the implementation of projects and programs; carries out the examination of road accidents; drawing up plans for the placement of equipment, technical equipment for road traffic management; performing work on the organization and safety of road traffic; finding reserves for reducing the cycle of work; development of cooperative intelligent transport systems and autonomy traffic.



Head of department


Sultan Vladimirovich



Deputy head of the Department of science

VOROBYOV Andrey Igorevich



Deputy head of the Department


Maxim Viktorovich