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14 – teacher, 5 - engineering personnel, 2 – doctors of Sciences, 8 - candidates of Sciences


Еnergy and environmental Faculty



 Рhysical foundations of microelectronics



The first head of the Department was Р.Р.Сandidov, a follower of the outstanding scientist and organizer of Soviet science Р.Р.Lazarev.

V.S. Panasyuk headed the Department for many years. Не was the winner of the Lenin and State prizes for his work in the field of electronic accelerators on counter beams.

The subjects of scientific research of employees and teachers were mostly related to the problems of the automobile and road industry (laser analysis of harmful impurities). Thanks to the activities of such professors as I.V.Poroikov, Y.G.Rudoy, Z.S.Sazonova, V.B.Zernov, L.G.Sapogin, significant results have been achieved in the field of scientific and methodological work. Many teachers of the Department have experience in foreign universities. The teachers of the department wrote a number of fundamental textbooks, including «Physics course», «History of transport in Russia» by A.F.Smyk, «Mathematical foundations of modern gravity» by O.V. Baburova, «Engineering pedagogy» by Z.S. Sazonova and T.M.Tkacheva.

 Today at the MADI Department of Physics, the transition to digital forms of education is carried out using electronic presentations, including videos and materials from the Internet, electronic textbooks and teaching materials, the certified information system “IS-MADI: Physics”, and computer testing – input, current, and final. Students use electronic materials to carry out mini-projects, as well as to prepare reports for student conferences.  Internet resource “IS-MADI: Physics” was created and developed by teachers of this Department to solve the problem of training automotive engineers in Physics. A wide range of opportunities to ensure and control the self-work of students is provided by the electronic system Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment). This system is a free web application that allows a teacher to create sites for online learning.



Physics department holds a scientific and practical annual conference of MADI students «Physics. Car. Road».

MADI students annually participate and win prizes in the Open international student competition-Internet Olympiad

in physics.


Рhysics is a fundamental natural science discipline, which is included in the curriculum of all technical areas of training. The importance of physics in modern education is extremely great because it forms basic ideas about the natural science picture of the world. The physics course is a basic course for further study of technical disciplines.


Head of Physics Department – Alexandra Fedorovna Smyk

phizika@madi.ru , tel.    (8-499)-155-03 -90



MADI team-participants of the 3rd round of the all-Russian student Olympiad in physics in technical universities, held in may 2017 at MSTU. N. E. Bauman. Zelensky Boris - gr. 2MC1, Pavel Ivanov-gr. –  gr. 1A5, Sirajdinov Bulat – gr. 1A5

Scientific and practical annual conference of MADI students «Physics. Car. Road». December 2019.

Associate Professor of the Department Yu.A.Portnov conducts laboratory work "Molecular kinetic theory of gases" with students of the 10th grade of Lyceum No. 1383.

Alexander Serov, student of gr.2A2 speaks at the conference «Physics. Car. Road»  with the report " Mechanical working conditions of the car differential».

In the laboratory" Vibrations and waves", the class is led by senior teacher T. A. Shirina

In the laboratory "Mechanica", the class is led by senior teacher E.A.Forsh