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Heat engineering and automotive engines


Heat Engineering and Automotive Engines




Totally 26 members, 17 teachers, 3 doctors of science and 13 candidates of science


Energy and Environmental Faculty, Faculty of Motor Transport, Faculty of Road and Technological machines, Energy and Environmental Faculty, Faculty of Road Building, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Mechanics and Design


Students of all mechanical professions of MADI, taking into account their specific features, take training by courses in the following fields covering different levels of presentation of engineering problems:

Thermodynamics (thermal science and heat exchange)

Internal combustion engines (theory of the working processes and design)


For road construction professions of MADI – a course “Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation with Fundamentals of Thermal Science”


For preparation of ecologists – courses

Thermal Physics, Theory of Burning and Explosion


For preparation of bachelors in transport organization and road traffic organization – a course Transport Energetics


Professions providing preparation of bachelors and masters in the field of reciprocating internal combustion engines (reciprocating IC engines)


General engineering courses

Mechanics of fluid and gas

Hydro- and gas dynamics

Methods of physical processes similarity

Numerical methods of fluid and gas mechanics

Control of technical systems

Planning, processing and analysis of experiment

Theory and practice of engineering research

Modern energy technologies


Various aspects of description, operation and research of reciprocating IC engines

Introduction into profession

Structure of automotive engines

Designing of IC engines

Dynamics of IC engines

Systems of IC engines

Fundamentals of physical-chemical processes in IC engines

Boosting of IC engines

Methods of IC engine working process control

Methods of improving ecological characteristics of IC engines


Computing tools for modelling IC engines

Modelling of processes in IC engines

Special aspects of designing and CAD of IC engines

Modelling of heat and strain-stress state of engine parts

Modelling of thermophysical processes in IC engines

Computer technologies in research and production of IC engines


Testing of IC engines

Thermotechnical measurements in IC engines

Technical operation of IC engines diagnosis

Automatization of IC engine diagnosis

Operation of IC engines on alternative fuels

Non-traditional power plants of vehicles

Science Achievements

Scientific research of the Chair is carried out in the Problem Laboratory of Transport Engines in 17 testing boxes which are located in the main building of MADI and at the testing ground.

On the basis of traditions and experience accumulated during many decades, the scientists of the Chair continue their active work on pending issues of perfection of domestic automotive and tractor engines.

Basic fields of scientific research of the Chair cover the whole problematics of reciprocating internal combustion engines:

Research, development and modeling of working processes of ecologically clean IC engines;

The use of alternative fuels including gas fuel in IC engines;

Research and development of fuel supply equipment of diesel engines;

Research and modeling of noise and vibrations of IC engines;

Control of IC engine working process using microprocessor systems;

Systems of computer aided design of IC engines and automatization of IC engine testing;

Durability, reliability of design of IC engines;

Diagnosis and operation issues of IC engines.

The Chair has permanent contacts with leading factories and research institutes of the country.

These works are guided by professors, PhD M.G.Shatrov and L.N.Golubkov.

Internationally famous scientists worked at the Chair: corresponding member of the Academy of Science (AoS) of the USSR N.R.Briling, academician of the AoS of the USSR B.S.Stechkin, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Science V.N.Lukanin, well known scientists PhD, professors M.S. Hovah, A.N. Voinov, N.V. Astahov. Yu.A. Stepanov, I.V. Alekseev, I.Ye. Ivanov, V.Z. Mahov, G.M. Kamfer, professors A.S. Khatchiyan, K.A. Morosov, B.Ya. Chуrnyak.


In 1999, the Chair personnel was awarded the Prize of the RF Government in the Field of Science and Technique for the development of the textbook-complex “IC Engines” consisting of a 3-volume printed textbook and computer Integrated Teaching Complex “IC engines” having no analogues in the practice of teaching IC engines.

In 2011-2018, a number of scientific-research and design- experimental works was fulfilled aimed at the development of the following:

  • Systems of supply and ignition of gaseous fuels for gas and gas diesel versions of high- and medium speed engines;
  • Advanced technical solutions and technologies of the world level for the development and optimization of fuel supply systems with electronically-controlled fuel injection and pressures up to 300…400 MPa.
  • Accumulator type diesel fuel supply systems with controlled injection characteristics for transport diesel engines with forward-looking energy and ecological parameters.

The works were carried out within the scope of federal target programs:

  • National Technological Base for the years 2007-2011 (subprogram Development and Organization of Production in the Russian Federation of New Generation Diesel Engines and their Components in 2011-2015).
  • Research and Development in Priority Fields of the Science and Technology Complex of Russia for 2014-2020. Priority field: Transport and Space Systems.

Within the framework of the works fulfilled, 17 patents on the intellectual property items were developed and 8 technologies were implemented.

A self-financing scientific-production laboratory is functioning at the Chair specializing in the engines of BMW vehicles which is preparing students in the field of engine operation and develops a system of profound experimental research of processes in IC engines.

Students Activity

Students of the Chair have many times placed high in competitions for 3D Modelling in the T-Flex CAD 3D System (ZAO Top Systems, Moscow), International Contest of Final Qualification Projects Interclover-2018 (Nizhny Novgorod). They made reports at international conferences Lukaninskiye Chteniya (MADI), Swirls and Waves in Complex Environments (IPMeh, Russian Academy of Science, Moscow), the All-Russian Scientific Technical Workshop on Automatic Management and Control of Heating Systems n.a. prof. V.I. Krutov (MGTU n.a. N.E. Bauman), Problems of Transport Systems Functioning (Tyumen).


The graduate of the Chair is a high level specialist in the field of modern reciprocating IC engines. He has to be perfect in fundamental issues of the profession; use confidently computer tools and modern special packages and technologies; use in full foreign language in his professional activities; be pretty well in the issues of economy and management; put clearly his ideas both orally and in writing; be able to work in team and manage it. All these qualities are formed during education at the Chair. During preparation of specialists, a great attention is given to the issues of operation and diagnosis of domestic and foreign IC engines.


Our students do practical training, some laboratory works and final projects at the enterprises having modern unique and expensive equipment: FGUP GNC NAMI, Mercedes Benz RUS, Itelma, Turbotehnika, etc.

Where you can work

The graduates of the Chair work successfully in various organizations of Russia and abroad on all the continents of the Earth from Australia to USA and Canada, Peru and Brasilia, from Africa to Asia, from Germany to Indonesia.

Based on the experience of professional advancement of our graduates, they may take up the following positions:

  • Universities, including our Chair in MADI: rectors, heads of the  chairs, professors, assistant professors, assistants,  engineers. Rector of MADI in 1982…2001, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Science V.N.Lukanin, Rector of TADI S.M.Kadirov, vice-rectors, deans, heads of the chairs, professors and assistant professors. The most of the leading teachers of our Chair are its graduates.
  • Factories: KamAZ (Chief designer D.H. Valeev, chiefs of the departments, designers, researchers), ZIL (Deputy Chief Designer, chiefs of the departments, designers, researchers), VAZ (chiefs of the departments, designers, researchers), Uralmash (General Director O.D.Belonenko), NPO Turbotehnika (General Director V.N.Kaminski), abroad: USA, Sweden, Australia, Canada.
  • Scientific research institutes of the industry: NAMI, NIID, NIIAT (deputies directors, heads of departments, scientific workers, designers, researchers);
  • Representative offices of the leading foreign automotive companies: Mercedes, Peugeot, BMW, Perkins: senior managers, specialists of different levels.
  • Organizations and enterprises working in service and sales: senior managers, specialists of different levels – engineers;
  • Public control and administration authorities: deputy minister, chiefs of bureaus, heads of state and public organizations of different levels.
  • “Non-engine” organizations, including security services, mass media (TV producer of Vesti Moskva, radio presenter of EHO Moskva), etc.
  • Army forces – from colonels to generals.


Phones: +7(499) 155-03-61


E-mail: dvs@madi.ru

Moscow, Leningradski prospect, 64, room 286.