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Electrical engineering and electrical equipment


Electrical engineering and Electric equipment





3 professors / 3 doctors of science

12 senior lecturers

2 assistants


Faculty of Motor transport, Faculty of Road and technological machines, Energy and Environmental Faculty, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Design and Mechanical, Faculty of Road building.


Electrical engineering

Electric motors

Electric drive

Electric equipment of cars

Electric vehicles & hybrids

General & green energy

Renewable energy

Science Achievements

An experimental model of a passenger electric vehicle with high traction and dynamic characteristics.

Unified electric vehicle battery.

Traction invertor for electric vehicles.

Stabilizing voltage converter for low-power autonomous power plants.

Transport DC-DC Voltage Converter.

Electromechanical transmission unit of the vehicle with individual drive wheels.

Remote monitoring system for the status of stationary and mobile power generating sets.

Electric Power Industry and Electrical technology.


- Voltage converter with a cooled capacitor bank.

- Solar power plant.

- Power storage with combined temperature control system.

- A method of stabilizing the frequency of the output voltage of an autonomous power source.

Famous scientists:

Bykov M.A., Bannikov S.P., Bagrinovsky A.D., Ioutt V.E.

Students Activity




The experience of the department "Electrical Engineering and Electrical Equipment" of MADI, as well as knowledge of trends and promising ways of developing innovative technologies in transport and energy have formed one of the main areas of scientific activity of the department - the Development of promising technical solutions for creating economical and environmentally friendly power plants for transport and electric power.

MADI is a member of the coordinating council of the Technology Platform “Environmentally Friendly Transport “ Green Car ”, created on the initiative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, and whose activities include the development and creation of electric vehicles and infrastructure for their operation.

Electrical engineering and Electric equipment is one of the leading Chairs of the University (MADI), preparing students for bachelor’s, master’s degrees and graduate student’s. It produces highly trained automobile and electric equipment engineers. Qualifications of automobile and electric equipment engineers, electric vehicles hold leading positions in science, business and production to insure availability of high-quality, efficient and safe transport.

-         Preparation of bachelor’s, master’s degrees is conducted under daytime, evening and correspondence forms of training. Post-Graduate Courses.

-         Professors, senior lecturers and teachers that have written and published numerous textbook, manuscripts and manuals.

-         Modern computer equipment, network display class.

Where you can work*

Qualifications of automobile and electric equipment engineer, electric vehicles give a possibility of employment in research universities service station, in plants manufacturing auto-tractor electrical and electronic equipment, in research institutes, in different companies of motor transport and electrical.

complexes: Toyota, BOSCH, Volvo, Mersedes, ROLF etc.


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