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Legal and customs management of transport


Legal and customs management of transport




Total number of employees: 47

Candidate of Sciences: 20

Doctor of Sciences: 7


-       Faculty of Motor Transport

-       Faculty of Road and Technological machines

-       Energy and Environmental Faculty

-       Faculty of Road building

-       Faculty of Management

-       Faculty of Economics

-       Faculty of Logistics and Transport problems

-       Faculty of Mechanics and Design


Specialist degree

  1. The basis of customs
  2. The basis of scientific research
  3. The basis of trade policy
  4. The basis of international organizations in the field of trade
  5. History of customs policy of Russia
  6. Economic geography and regionalism of the world
  7. Commodity science and expertise in customs
  8. Management and customs management
  9. Jurisprudence
  10. Basics of system analysis in customs
  11. Basics of foreign economic activity
  12. Economic potential of the customs territory of the EAEU
  13. Institutions of administrative and customs law that regulate the activities of customs authorities
  14. Organization and regulation of foreign economic activity
  15. Basics of organizing the activities of foreign trade participants
  16. Technologies for transportation and storage of goods
  17. Packaging
  18. Economics of world economic relations
  19. Economics of customs affairs
  20. Commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity
  21. Customs operations
  22. Organization of customs control of goods and vehicles
  23. Customs rate regulations of foreign trade activities
  24. Identification and investigation of administrative offences within the competence of customs authorities
  25. Customs procedure
  26. Basics of technical means of customs control
  27. Prohibitions and restrictions on foreign trade activities
  28. Customs payment
  29. Basics of qualification of crimes in the field of customs
  30. Transportation law
  31. Business law
  32. General and customs statistics
  33. Goods and vehicles declaration
  34. Customs control technologies (workshop)
  35. Currency regulation and currency control
  36. Basics of investigation of crimes within the competence of customs authorities
  37. Organization of transport support for foreign economic activity
  38. Information technologies in customs logistics
  39. Customs control after the release of goods
  40. Basics of document management in customs authorities
  41. Practical aspects of goods declaration
  42. Organization and technique of foreign trade operations
  43. Verification of the validity of the declared product code
  44. Customs payments in customs procedures
  45. Contracts and foreign trade documentation
  46. Customs information technologies
  47. Mathematical methods and models of foreign economic activity management

Master's degree

  1. Modern problems of transport science
  2. Intellectual property
  3. Legal and customs regulation of transport activities
  4. Foreign economic activity
  5. The basis of scientific research
  6. Organization of documentary support for international cargo transportation
  7. Organization of international multimodal cargo transportation
  8. Problems of the theory of economic diplomacy
  9. Information systems in the organization of foreign economic activity
  10. Mechanism of foreign trade operations
  11. Customs payments in customs procedures
  12. Mathematical methods and models of foreign economic activity management
  13. Statistical analysis of foreign economic activity transport processes

Other speciality

  1. Jurisprudence
  2. Labor and transport law
  3. The basis of labor law
  4. Commercial and transport law
  5. Customs regulation of international transport activities
  6. Customs affair
  7. Foreign economic activity

Science Achievements

The scientific school of the Department "Legal and customs regulation" is associated with the implementation of research works that take into account the internal and external conditions of the country's development.

The Department takes into account the existing concepts of development of customs authorities, domestic and foreign experience in forming the subject of promising areas of scientific research.

Currently, specialists and teachers of the Department carry out research in the following areas:

  • improving the competitiveness and reducing transport and logistics costs of domestic international road carriers based on the use of satellite navigation and telematics systems
  • design of the customs and logistics complex

Students Activity

Professional stars

All-Russian student Olympiad in the specialty "Customs affair"


Intensive international cooperation and increased interest of road carriers in the development of legal and customs mechanisms for regulating the transport process create a high demand for trained specialists who are fluent in customs legislation. Thus, the labor market has a high demand for specialists in foreign trade relations, including professionals in the field of customs.

Training at the Department of "Legal and customs management of transport" includes not only interesting classes, but also a variety of practices. Educational and practical laboratories of the Department are equipped with modern technical means of customs control, as well as licensed software for practical work on filling out electronic declarations.

The training process is organized with the involvement of the Association of international road carriers (ASMAP), as well as specialists with extensive experience in customs authorities and companies of customs representatives, which guarantees a high level of training and demand for graduates in the labor market. 

Where you can work

Field of professional activity of graduates

Forwarding companies that provide services for customs clearance of goods.

Customs agent are companies that have the right to perform customs operations and provide services for customs clearance of goods imported or exported by the customer company.

Customs and logistics terminals that provide customers with services related to customs clearance of goods and vehicles, as well as their storage and transportation inland.

Companies that participate in foreign economic activity (FEA) that perform export-import operations. Foreign companies (and their branches) operating in the Russian market, as well as Russian companies exporting products abroad.


Head of the Department: Dmitry Borisovich Efimenko

Audience number: 808l

Work phone number: 8 (499) 346-01-68 EXT. 2860

Email: td@madi.ru, tdmadi@mail.ru