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The number of teachers (lecturers) is 21, including the number of doctors of sciences - 5 and candidates of sciences - 6, workers of the department - 2


Faculty of "Logistics and General Transport Problems" in the direction of "Management"

Bachelor degree 38.03.02. "Logistics and supply chain management" and master programs 38.04.02. "Logistics in transport systems."

And also, at such faculties as: "Economic", "Management", "Automobile transport", "Road and technological machines"


Audit of logistics systems

Basic logistics concepts and technologies

Introduction to Logistics

Integrated Supply Chain Planning

Information systems and technologies in logistics and supply chain management

History and Methodology of Transport Science

Transport history

Controlling Logistics Systems

Coordination in logistics and supply chain management


Logistics in project management

Logistics of urban transport systems

Logistics of stocks and warehousing

Production logistics

Distribution logistics

Logistics service support equipment

Warehousing Logistics

Supply Logistics

Logistic infrastructure in transport systems


International standardization in logistics

Research Methods in Management

Supply Chain Risk Management Techniques

Modeling and simulation of logistics systems

Research Work (focused)

Research Seminar

General management

Logistics Basics

Undergraduate practice

Applied Marketing Research

The use of electronic graphics in logistics

Logistics design for warehouse and distribution complexes

Logistics design for warehouse and distribution centers

Logistic systems design


System analysis in logistics

Enterprise Resource Management Systems

Modern logistic tools

Modern strategic analysis

Strategic inventory management

Strategic management of logistics processes and infrastructure

Organization theory

Organization Theory and Organizational Behavior

Technologies for automated identification and processing of material flows

Virtual Reality Technologies (VR / AR) in System Design

Supply Chain Transportation

Transport logistics

Country Transport System

Supply Chain Management

Logistic Risk Management

Material management

Project Management in Logistics

Transport Management

Supply Chain Management

Training practice

Economic and mathematical methods and models in logistics

Economic aspects of logistics and supply chain management

Science Achievements

The scientific and pedagogical platform of the department was formed and developed by such scientists as F.D. Wende, V.D. Volkov, V.I. Stepanov, V.K. Dedkov, O.N. Larin, K.A., O.O. Varlamov, K.A. Mayer, D.V. Yenin, G.P. Bykova, E.N. Kuznetsova, A.G. Nekrasov, L.B. Mirotin, V.D. Gerami, V.I. Konoplyanko, A.V. Colic.

Students Activity

Master's program DOUBLE-DEGREE (two diplomas) - from MADI and from the University of Otto-von-Guericke city of Magdeburg, Germany.

Spring School of Logistics (Magdeburg, OFU, Germany).

International Student Olympiad (MSO) "Economics and Management"


Demand for graduates in this specialty is high and continues to grow. This is confirmed, in particular, by the number of applications submitted by applicants upon admission to the institute, 125 students entered in 2019.

Where you can work

Logisticians can work in the sectors of the national economy, retail, and others, solving many diverse problems. An engineer who owns modern logistics tools is able to organize and ensure the efficient operation of production, service organizations at all technological levels of activity. The companies in which our students undergo practical training and possible further employment: DHL, Küehne + Nagel International AG, the Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo, Inc., X5 Retail Group and many others.


Room number: 811l

Work Phone Number: +7(499) 346-01-68 Ext. 2741

Email: Logistika@madi.ru


Rector of MADI V.M. Prikhodko, Rector of OFSU J. Shtrakelyan and Head of the Department of Logistics F.D. Wende (2015)

Head of the Department, Professor F.D. Wende, Anastasia Skvortsova and Yegor Repyev, the first masters at MADI who defended their dissertations under the DOUBLE-DEGREE program and received two diplomas - from MADI and from Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg, Germany.

Laboratory Scientific and Educational Center for Innovative Technologies in Logistics MADI

Laboratory Scientific and Educational Center for Innovative Technologies in Logistics MADI