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Faculty of Logistics and Transport problems


Faculty of Logistics and Transport problems


On February 10, 2010, the faculty of logistics and Transport problems was established. The faculty trains highly qualified management personnel in the field of logistics and supply chain management, customs affairs and management of transport organizations in cooperation with leading scientific organizations and employers ' associations.


  • History and culturology
  • Legal and customs management of transport
  • Logistics
  • Management
  • Philosophy


  • Bachelor Programs
  • Specialist Programs
  • Master Programs


About 2000 students were graduated at the faculty, including foreign students, mainly from countries such as China, Ukraine, Belarus, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Azerbaijan.

Science Achievements

At different times, the department employed well-known specialists in the field of transport process management Professor, Doctor of Technical Science B.S. Kleiner, V.A. Goberman, and associate professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences. P.F.Samoylov, who was untimely gone in later years, as well as young candidates of sciences: I.A. Kuznetsov, Y.E. Tashbayev, V.I. Shaikin, who for various reasons switched to another job. The permanent head of the department from the day of its founding to 2012 was Doctor of Technical Science Professor Mirotin Leonid Borisovich, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the International and Russian Engineering Academies, the Russian Academy of Geoeconomics and Geological Sciences, the Russian Academy of Transport. Since 2012 and to the present time the Department has been headed by the Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the International Academy of Information Technologies Ivakhnenko Andrei Mikhailovich. The Department took an active part in the formation of a new experimental specialty "High Technology Management" in MADI. For the first time in Russia teachers of the department wrote textbooks for this specialty "Logistics chains of enterprises of knowledge-intensive production," Basics of management and personnel management (logistics aspects), "Logistics of commercial work" and others. Scientific and applied methods used at the Department "Management" are oriented to high-tech industries of the Russian Federation- Aviation industry, railway and road transport, mechanical engineering, which allowed to implement them in the program of the National Technical Subcommittee Rostecregulation GOST R/TC 355/PC6 "Performance of supply chains: Management, Identification, Security, Professional Training in "High Technology Management," as well as "Management in Transport and Logistics Systems". The technological basis of the methodology is the software and methodological complex "Aсtive-Maker," which provides support for decision-making for complex probabilistic objects in risk and crisis situations. The provisions of the methodology were supported by the State Duma, the Federation Council (2006), the Ministry of Transport,

TPP of the Russian Federation, Russian Railways, DR-LOG, were reported annually at University Scientific Conferences. The largest projects were carried out through "Defense Export (2003-2010)" and "Vnukovo (2002-2010) Airport," as well as the concept of construction of transport and hotel infrastructure of future Olympic Games in Sochi (2014) (head of prof. L.B. Mirotin). The result of many years of scientific work in the field of supply chain management is the signing by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation D.A. Medvedev of the order on awarding the 2012 of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology to professors of the Department, prof. Peacekeeper L.B. and Doctor of Economic Sciences., Prof. Necrasova A.G. for the work "Improving the efficiency of freight transport by creating a stable transport and logistics system of modular type for high-speed handling and delivery of goods." Today the activity of the department takes place in the conditions of innovative development and adaptation to changes in the national education system. One of the trends of modern times is the consolidation of efforts of educational organizations and business in the development of digital technologies in transport in accordance with the modern concept of logistics engineering and digital model 4D. In 2019 Professor of the Department, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Prof. A. G. Necrasov is included in the Scientific and Technical Council of the Association "Digital Transport and Logistics" which faces the task of creating and developing a unified digital transport and logistics space in Russia and the EAEU.

The scientific school of the Department "Legal and customs regulation" is associated with the implementation of research works that take into account the internal and external conditions of the country's development. The Department takes into account the existing concepts of development of customs authorities, domestic and foreign experience in forming the subject of promising areas of scientific research. Currently, specialists and teachers of the Department carry out research in the following areas: · improving the competitiveness and reducing transport and logistics costs of domestic international road carriers based on the use of satellite navigation and telematics systems · design of the customs and logistics complex

Students Activity

Professional stars

All-Russian student Olympiad in the specialty "Customs affair"

Master's program DOUBLE-DEGREE (two diplomas) - from MADI and from the University of Otto-von-Guericke city of Magdeburg, Germany.

Spring School of Logistics (Magdeburg, OFU, Germany).

International Student Olympiad (MSO) "Economics and Management"

High Technology Management

Why Faculty

The faculty of Logistics and Transport problems issues provides training in various popular areas. Students acquire extensive knowledge in the field of logistics, customs, management, and transport industries, which they can then successfully apply in their professional activities.

Qualified managerial personnel are in demand at all levels of the organization’s functioning, in particular, both in the field of planning, implementation and control of the organization’s business processes, also in the sphere of managing the organization itself, more specifically, building the optimal organizational structure, managing and adapting the organization to changes in market conditions and functioning of the internal environment of the organization. Studying modules implemented by the Chair of Management: · Operational management of transport systems; · Human resource management; · Project management; · Production processes management; · Foreign economic activity management; · Transport logistics systems management; · Process safety management and sustainability in the supply chain. The entire teaching staff of the Chair of Management - active scientists, executives, managers and founders of companies.

Intensive international cooperation and increased interest of road carriers in the development of legal and customs mechanisms for regulating the transport process create a high demand for trained specialists who are fluent in customs legislation. Thus, the labor market has a high demand for specialists in foreign trade relations, including professionals in the field of customs. Training at the Department of "Legal and customs management of transport" includes not only interesting classes, but also a variety of practices.

Where you can work

The graduating Department of "logistics" has contacts with Russian and international companies: "Wimm-bill-Dann", "STS Logistics", "FM Logistics", "DHL", "Major Cargo Service", etc., which ensures a high level of organization of students ' practices and, in the future, employment after graduation.

Our specialists work in freight forwarding companies and firms engaged in transportation, cargo handling, warehousing, packaging, insurance, service, controlling and auditing, procurement and distribution, and information support.

Graduates can hold the following positions: logistician; logistics analyst; logistics Manager; logistics process coordinator; customs clearance specialist (goods and vehicles); logistics services purchasing Manager (Logistics-Buyer).

Graduates of the "organization Management" profile can work in firms and companies as managers in transport departments, transport enterprises, territorial and municipal transport departments, logistics centers, customs offices, terminals, design and research institutes.

Graduates can engage in the following types of professional activities.

Organizational and managerial (organization and development of corporate and competitive strategy of the organization; planning of the organization's activities and divisions; organization of work of project executors; development and implementation of projects aimed at the development of the organization).

Information-analytical (building an internal information system of the organization for collecting information for decision-making, planning and control; creating and maintaining databases on various indicators of the organization's functioning; evaluating the effectiveness of management decisions).

Business (development of business plans, organization of business activities).

Educational and practical laboratories of the Department are equipped with modern technical means of customs control, as well as licensed software for practical work on filling out electronic declarations. The training process is organized with the involvement of the Association of international road carriers (ASMAP), as well as specialists with extensive experience in customs authorities and companies of customs representatives, which guarantees a high level of training and demand for graduates in the labor market.

Graduates of "customs" are successfully employed in the customs authorities (Sheremetyevo customs, Vnukovo customs, Domodedovo customs, Central excise customs, Central energy customs), as well as in commercial companies of customs representatives and logistics companies-specialists in customs clearance.


MADI’s main building’s address is 64, Leningradsky prospect, Moscow.

+7 (499) 155-0479, fl@madi.ru