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The Faculty was founded in 1972.

In 1972 - 1987, it was called the Faculty of Engineering and Economics, in 1988 - 1993 - the Faculty of Transport, Economics and Management, since 1993 - the Faculty of Economics.

The mission of the Faculty of Economics is to prepare highly qualified, internationally competitive professionals for the automotive, road-building, construction and other industries, able to think strategically and creatively, make correct and efficient management decisions, develop their intellectual and research potential, as well as to ensure sustainable development of the Faculty in educational, scientific, social, cultural and international fields, to create conditions for career development for the faculty, to unlock scientific and creative potential of students and develop their capacities for self-improvement.



Today the Faculty includes five chairs:

  1. Economics of road construction maintenance and operation
  2. Economics of automobile transport
  3. Finance
  4. Economic theory
  5. Foreign languages


38.03.01 Economics


1. "Economics of enterprises and organizations (transport)"

Form of study - full-time, mixed intramural and extramural (evening), by correspondence.

Duration of study - 4 years and 5 years.

Graduate Chair - “Economics of Road Transport”

Degree - Bachelor.

2. “Economics of enterprises and organizations (construction)”

Form of study - full-time, mixed intramural and extramural (evening).

Duration of study - 4 years and 5 years.

Graduate Chair - “Economics of Road Industry”

Degree - Bachelor.

3. "World economy"

Form of study - full-time.

The term of study is 4 years.

Graduate Chair - “Economics of Road Transport”

Degree - Bachelor.


04/04/01 Economics


  1. "Economics of the company and industry markets"

Form of study - full-time.

Duration of study - 2 years.

Graduate Chair - “Economics of Road Transport”

Degree - Master.

 2. “Economics of integrated development of territories and agglomerations”

Form of study - full-time.

Duration of study - 2 years.

Graduate Chair - “Economics of Road Industry”

Degree - Master.


Since its foundation, the Faculty of Economics has trained more than 20 thousand masters, specialists and Bachelor of Economics.

Students from foreign countries study at the Faculty. Over the past 8 years, 254 students have been trained in undergraduate, specialist and graduate programs, including 165 from Asia, 69 from the CIS, 20 from Africa.

Scientific Achievements

The modern economy, acquiring the features of a “knowledge economy”, where knowledge and human capital become the main factors of development, places a premium on the innovative component of economic growth, which requires intensification of fundamental and applied research in the most significant areas of the financial and economic science:

• management of the market potential of enterprises in the road transport industry;

• improving methods for assessing the value of securities and the finance and credit institutions;

• the use of modern management concepts and technologies at the enterprises of road transport and road industry;

• problems of increasing the efficiency of enterprises;

• anti-crisis management of road transport enterprises and road-building organizations;

• analysis and diagnostics of financial and economic activities of road construction and transport enterprises;

• tax optimization and monitoring of the financial and economic stability of companies;

• assessment of financial and economic attractiveness and feasibility of investment projects;

• the basics of efficient support of intelligent transport systems at the enterprises of the city public transport;

• economic security of systems;

• technologies in modern digital economy.


Students Activity

  1. International Research to Practice Conference "The capabilities of artificial intelligence and modern challenges of digital transformation of the financial sector of the Russian Federation";
  2. Master classes conducted by ARB and the SDM Bank;
  3. Elective colloquium "Modern times: the path to personal success and a business career";
  4. Foreign language Olympiads for undergraduate and specialist students.

Why our Faculty?

The professors of the chairs of the Faculty of Economics are distinguished scientists in the field of economics of transport and road construction, banking, accounting, auditing and tax consulting, as well as leading industry experts, who help students obtain relevant knowledge and skills that are in demand in the modern labor market in the context of the economy digitalization.

Throughout the entire period of studying, in addition to obtaining theoretical knowledge in MADI, students also get an opportunity to develop practical skills in such companies as NIIAT, ROSAVTODOR, MOEK, SDM Bank and others under on-job training programs.

Students interested in a scientific career have an opportunity to make reports at national and international conferences, grants and publish their results in leading scientific journals indexed by the Web of Science, Scopus, RSCI databases.

Implemented training methods allow graduates to remain competitive, despite the constantly changing trends in the development of society.

Where you can work

Students of our faculty are hired by large industrial, design, insurance, audit, banking, and construction organizations of all forms of ownership, which proves the versatility of the professionals graduated from the faculty.

The most attractive professions include CFO, business analyst, economist, banking officer, auditor, academic researcher, etc.


Dean: Mark Sokratovich Anastasov

+7-499-155-08-53, +7-499-155-08-47

ef@madi.ru, dekanat@ef.madi.ru

instagram: ef_madi