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Economics of automobile transport


The Department of Economics of automobile transport




26 persons, including 3 – Professor, D.S.Sc., 1 – Professor, PhD, 17- associate professors, PhD.


Faculty of Motor Transport

Faculty of Road and Technological machines

Energy and Environmental Faculty

Faculty of Management

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Logistics and Transport problems


Global economy

Global economy and foreign economic activity

International entrepreneurship

Organization  of  business activities

Organization of production at industry enterprises

Organization, rationing and remuneration of  labour

Economics  and organization of production;

Welfare Economics and Cost-Benefit Analysis

Strategic planning and forecasting

Real estate Economics

Economics of enterprises;

Economy of transport industry

Economy and organization of the company's activities

Strategic management

Digital transport economy


Econometrics and statistic

Economics of innovation;

State regulation of the economy

Business planning

Theory of industry markets

Macroeconomic planning and forecasting;

Public-private partnership

Taxes and tax system


Managerial Economics

Environmental economics

Project management


Economic evaluation of investments

Economic evaluation of engineering solutions

Economic analysis of the firm

Economic assessment of road safety

Planning and organization of car service companies

Planning and organization of automated production

Economics of machine-building production


Science Achievements

Areas of science where the Department's research is in demand:

-reducing the cost of transportation

-efficiency of capital investments in transport

-rationalization of transportation and optimization of the location of productive forces

modeling of economic processes in transport

-financial improvement of urban passenger

-formation of a competitive market for transport services


Among the important developments of the Department are:

- A comprehensive program of financial recovery of enterprises in the road passenger transport;

- Feasibility study for the implementation of the city's target program in the field of road freight transportation;

- City medium-term target program for the implementation of transport policy in the field of freight transport;

- Development of a strategy for the development and management of the transport complex in the Moscow region;

- Development of the concept of reforming the management system of automobile and urban electric passenger transport in the Belgorod region;

- Justification for fixing regular routes of passenger motor transport in the Moscow region as objects of the property complex;

- Providing measures to improve the efficiency of the city order system for road freight transport and improve the efficiency of the industry property complex

- Market technologies for managing transport infrastructure facilities

- Assessment of investment attractiveness of leasing for small and medium-sized transport companies.


Famous scientists who worked at the Department:

honored worker of science of the RSFSR, Professor, D.S.Sc.,  Kudryavtsev A.S ,

Professor, D.S.Sc., Bronstein L.F,

Professor, D.S.Sc., Dergachev A.F.


Famous scientists currently working at the Department:

honored worker of science of the Russian Federation, academician of the Russian Academy of transport, Professor, D.S.Sc.,  Ulitsky M.P.,

corresponding member of the Russian Academy of transport, Professor, D.S.Sc.,  Khmelnitsky A.D.

Students Activity

Our students successfully participate in international, national and regional scientific competitions and Olympiads:


XIX International scientific and practical competition «Science and Education»:

- Lyagina A. – 1 place,  article «Sanctions against Russia»

-Korol A. – 2 place, article «Russia's place among the post-consumer countries of energy resources»

2. IX International scientific and practical competition «Science and Education»:

- Ermakov D – 3 place,  report «Customer focus of the transport business»

3. All-Russian financial markets Olympiad : Shuba N. -1 place

4. V International scientific and practical competition « Economist of the year-2017» :  

- Kozyritsky V. – 1 place, report «Complex cryptocurrency or innovative technology?»

5.Annual scientific and practical student conference MADI- 2019:

- Mileshkina A., 1 place,  report «Influence of economic factors on the state of the market for the sale of motor vehicles in the EAEU countries»

- Sharova M., 1 place, report «Prospects for using car-sharing in Russia» ;

- Nasonova K., 1 place, report  «Features of implementation of investment projects in transport».



If you are an ambitious numerate person, or a practitioner in the field, our programs will equip you with the analytical skills for a rewarding career supporting transport delivery and policy-making at national, regional and local level.

You'll study transport economics, as well as econometrics and cost-benefit analysis.

Develop a suite of economic skills that will help promote economic growth within a regulatory framework that minimizes any damaging health and environmental impacts, whilst incentivizing the best use of resources.

Expand your fluency in:

-Economic appraisal – to better understand the complex interface between transport and the wider economy

-Micro-economics – to understand pricing techniques, the importance of economic regulation and the valuation of third party costs and benefits

-Econometrics – to develop your quantitative models with real world data and test economic theories

-Independent research – opening the gateway to a career in transport research in either academia or consultancy.

Where you can work

We have close working relationships with a number of organizations and many employers visit the MADI each year to interview our students for graduate schemes and other vacancies. We also regularly circulates specific job vacancies to students.

Our students are highly sought after and have a good reputation with transport consultants, and may receive a job offer before or shortly after graduation.

The organizations, that have advertised and/or recruited directly from the Institute for Transport Studies include Ministry of Transport of  Russian Federation, , Transport  Department of  the Moscow Government,  Mosgortrans,  Russia's railways,  VTB-Bank, SDM-Bank, Ingosstrakh, and many others.



The head of department – Ulitskaya Nataliya M, Professor, D.S.Sc.,  +7(499)155-08-52

the Secretary of the Department – Sokolova Nataliya,

+7(499) 155-03-35

e-mail: eat@madi.ru