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General theoretical disciplines


Department "General theoretical disciplines"






16 teachers, including 3 candidates of technical sciences


The department trains foreign students in engineering and technological, economic and medical and biological profiles for further education at the universities of Russian Federation.


The department conducts pre-university training of foreign citizens in Russian  language in the following disciplines: mathematics, physics, chemistry, drawing, computer science


Science Achievements

The main task of the department is to give students the necessary amount of knowledge and vocabulary in Russian for the first year of study; if necessary, replenish knowledge on subjects if their volume obtained at home does not meet the requirements of the university; to acquaint with the main types of work at the university and ensure continuity in the teaching system with the higher educational institution.


Students Activity

In order to develop interest among foreign students in the study of mathematics, physics, computer science, as well as create conditions for their successful orientation and integration in the Russian educational organization, written olympiads in these subjects are held annually at the department.


The Department has been training foreign students from Asia, Latin America and Europe for many years as part of the MADI Preparatory Faculty, which has been carrying out this activity for 60 years. Teachers have accumulated a lot of experience of teaching, created an extensive scientific and methodical support of the educational process.


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