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Russian language for Foreigners



Department "Russian language for Foreigners"






26 teachers, including 2 professors, doctors of pedagogical sciences and 14 senior professors, candidates of pedagogical, philological and historical sciences


The department trains foreign students in Russian as a foreign language, including professional modules of language for future engineers and technologists, economists, specialists in natural sciences and medical specialists.


Russian as a foreign language (grammar, communication, reading and other aspects), Introduction to the Specialization (for future masters and aspirants)

Science Achievements

Our department has founded an original scientific direction in language studies known as a “Scientific Speech Style” that permits to use our own methods in teaching Russian not only for everyday purposes but also as a language of the future study specialization. At the lessons we use our original text-books, popular in Russian universities and abroad. Members of the department take part in many international conferences and seminars, publish the results of researches in the most important scientific papers and magazines.

Students Activity

In order to develop interest in studying Russian we organize annually the contest, proposing our students to write an essay to different actual topics (traditions of my country, choice of profession etc.).

Why MADI The Department has been training foreign students from Asia, Latin America and Europe for many years as part of the MADI Preparatory Faculty. Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced, and we have created an extensive methodical support of the educational process.

+7 (499) 155-0353;  ruslang@madi.ru


Studying new grammar material

An interesting exercise!

We can also sing in Russian…

Our teachers discussing a new text-book.