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Preparatory Faculty for Foreign Students


Preparatory Faculty for Foreign Students


The Preparatory Faculty was founded more than 60 years ago in 1960. Our main task is to help the foreigners who have full secondary education to start getting higher education in Russia and to earn a degree of bachelor, master or PHD in one of Russian universities. For a long period of time the faculty was the basic educational structure that prepared foreigners to obtain professional education in engineer and technical sphere. In the last 20 years it developed into a full range educational center that offers a much wider variety of courses: economy, natural sciences, medicine, engineering and technologies. After passing successfully the final exams our students receive the state-recognized certificate that allows them to enter any Russian university, academy or other institution of higher education according to the chosen speciality.


Preparatory Faculty includes 3 departments:

Russian language for foreigners

General-theoretical disciplines

Country studies


Our faculty offers one of the following courses:

  • Engineering and technologies.
  • Natural-sciences.
  • Economics.
  • Medicine.

Future engineers and specialists in natural sciences study Russian, mathematics, physics, informatics, chemistry, technical drawing, history;

future ecocnomists  study Russian, mathematics, informatics, social studies, history;

future medical students study Russian, biology, chemistry, physics, informatics, history.

All courses include 2376 hours with a minimum 1008 hours of interactive studies in class. Our great advantage is that all disciplines are studied in Russian according to the level achieved by the students. That enables them to adapt faster to the educational process.

Students who will continue study at master’s or post-graduate programs have the preparatory course with more hours of Russian language.


The faculty has trained more than 16,000 students from about 130 countries. Every year about 200-250 students from all over the world choose our Faculty. 66% of them come from Asia, 14% from Africa, 13% from Middle East, 4% from Latin America and 3% from Europe. Our personnel has a large experience of communication with students who belong to different national regions.

Science Achievements

The Preparatory Faculty is well known for its research in the field of methodic of teaching foreigners. It founded an original scientific school of teaching Russian as a foreign language in the professional sphere (Russian for future engineers, economists, medical students etc.). Our most experienced professors create most of the textbooks used in classes. Faculty staff participate in international conferences and publish the results of their researche in scientific journals.

Students Activity

Each month the Faculty organizes various excursions which show foreign students around Moscow with its ancient and up-to-date sights. The Faculty students take part in educational competitions in different disciplines (usually at the end of the study). They can also show their talents on the bright musical concerts devoted to some Russian holidays (the New Year, the Victory Day) singing famous Russian songs. A large international festival is organized with the help of foreign students who present their countries, its culture and traditions (see details on our website http://pf.madi.ru (in Russian).

Why Faculty

MADI Preparatory faculty for foreign students is an official educational center of pre-university education. It is the oldest one in Russia after Lomonosov Moscow State University and RUDN. The faculty is widely recognized as one of the leaders in the system of pre-university training of foreigners. The high qualified professors not only teach the students, but are always ready to help them in a cross-cultural adaptation. Over 60 years of experience together with constant research in teaching methodics and approaches allow us to guarantee the high quality of training.

Where you can work

Graduates of the Faculty continue successfully their study in various Russian universities. More than 30% of our graduates stay at MADI to continue studies at Bachelor’s, Master’s, Post-graduate programs and become excellent specialists in road building, operation and servicing of motor vehicles, IT and computers, power industry, economics and management, logistics and customs.


Web site: http://pf.madi.ru

E-mail: dpf@madi.ru