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Information for students

Life in a foreign country may be challenging. In case you need help of a fellow countryman, see page National Leaders. They  are students from your native or neighbouring country. As a rule they know all the angles of student life in Moscow and you can address them just in case. The other helping hand is Center for Assistance to Foreign Students (room 361, 3rd floor of MADI Main Building, tel. (499) 1528641), which helps to make up missed assignments, deal with dormitory matters, arrange sports and cultural events, etc.

Please, keep in mind that your visa can be extended only if its validity is no less than 25 working days as of the day of application. For any visa inquiries address to visa section of MADI International department (room 375, vain building).

If you are fond of sports, it may be of use to know that MADI provides backing for different sport teams: volleyball, mini-football, basketball, swimming, tennis, motor racing, track ad field events. The members of the teams are actively engaged in the university and national sporting events. In case of any questions, please, adress to Physical Education Chair (room 401, 4th floor of MADI Main Building, tel. (499) 1550893) or Center for Assistance to Foreign Students (room 361, 3rd floor of MADI Main Building, tel. (499) 1528641).

There are various engineering competitions, in which MADI students take part. Some of them are:

  • Formula Student -  Europe's most established educational motorsport competition, run by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Backed by industry and high profile engineers the competition aims to inspire and develop enterprising and innovative young engineers. Universities from across the globe are challenged to design and build a single-seat racing car in order to compete in static and dynamic events, which demonstrate their understanding and test the performance of the vehicle. MADI’s team www-page is http://www.fsmadi.su
  • Formula Hybrid, which was officially founded in 2006 to provide an educational experience for students by challenging them to design and construct a hybrid drivetrain that focuses on fuel efficiency in a high-performance application. Formula Electric – the first Russian electric vehicle named "Belukha" ("White Whale") was engineered in 2013 by MADI' students. MADI’s team Formula Electric (ex-Formula Hybrid) www-page is: http://formulahybrid.ru/
  • Shell Eco-Marathon – this competition challenges student teams around the world to design, build, test and drive ultra-energy-efficient vehicles. MADI's team is here: http://www.madieco.com/  and https://vk.com/madi_eco_marathon

www.profcommadi.ru – is a site of MADI primary trade-union student organization, which is to meet the main goals of students’ activities:

  • protection of rights and values of students,
  • social and economic assistance,
  • recreation activities during vacations,
  • excursions and social programs
  • further education assistance

Here you can find General Provisions on foreign citizens training in MADI University and Basic Rules of residing in MADI hostel, both in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic and Mongolian.

Also there are some forms you will have to fill in the following cases (in Russian):

  • you are making (extending) a contract with MADI,
  • you are going home for vacation;
  • you want to take an exam ahead of schedule;
  • you are applying for accommodation at MADI residence hall;
  • you want to refuse from accommodation at MADI residence hall;
  • you are applying for refund due to contract termination.