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Information for applicants

You made a decision to become a MADI student? We are happy to welcome you!

Admission of foreign citizens to MADI is carried out in two ways:

  1. On the base of intergovernmental agreements (at the expense of the Russian Federation state budget) – for details, please, contact Rossotrudnichestvo (http://rs.gov.ru/en), Russian State Agency for international cooperation In this case Russian one entry visa will be issued by invitation from Russian Ministry of Education and Science at Russian Consulate in your country of citizenship (residence)
  2. On the base of individual contracts (at the expense of the student or any organization/company sending him/her to get education). In this case Russian one-entry visa will be issued by MADI’s invitation, which you can get after concluding a contract.

How to get MADI’s invitation 

In order to get MADI’s invitation you or your representative has to visit MADI, make advance payment of 5% of tuition fee and submit the following documents:

  1. Application for contract conclusion
  2. Clear copy of the applicant passport with minimum validity of 20 months (pages with photo, name and passport expiry date)
  3. Copy of previous education documents (school leaving certificate/ bachelor/master degree certificate) with attachments (if any)
  4. Personal information form (download)

NOTE: To avoid mispronunciation of your name in Russian you can provide notarized certified translation of your passport into Russian Invitation is obtained free of charge.

When the invitation is ready (after 3-4 weeks depending on the home country), you or your representative will have a call from MADI Visa and Registration department. Now with the original of invitation you should apply for visa at Russian Consulate in your home country.

Note 1: If you are already in Moscow and the purpose of your visit is other than education (i. e. business, travel, etc), you must leave Russia to enter again with “education” as your purpose of stay. Before you leave for your home country you need to get MADI’s invitation (see above).

Note 2: If you are already in Moscow and the purpose of your stay is education (i. e. your visa is issued by invitation of some educational institution or Russian Ministry of Education and in your Migration Card the “Purpose of Travel” is “Education”), you come to Preparatory Faculty or Main Faculties Dean’s office to make a contract.
For your information your visa can be extended only if its validity is no less than 25 working days as of the day of application.
After that you can apply for MADI’s visa (registration) at MADI Visa and Registration Department, submitting the following documents:

  1. Passport
  2. Migration card
  3. Valid registration stub
  4. 3 matte photos 3x4 cm (black and white or colour)
  5. Payment receipt for 1600 RUR (you can have payment details at room 375)
  6. Visa application form (provided at room 375)

Important: Before travelling from your country to Russian Federation, please make sure you take the following

necessary documents:

  • Original of previous education document, with the subjects and marks attachment (if any), legalized in the established order in your country,
  • The document of Education with Supplement showing grades and studied subjects translated into Russian with the seal of Russian Consulate in your country or notary of the Russian Federation,
  • Medical certificate indicating the absence of medical contraindications to study in Russia,
  • Certificate, indicating the absence of HIV,
  • Birth certificate, if it’s provided in your country,
  • 12 matte photo, size 3х4 cm.

money resources:

  • to pay tuition and hostel accommodation for two semesters,
  • to pay for health insurance,
  • to pay for multiple re-entry student visa.

The fees amounts you can check on the website of the University Tuition Fees

7. The next day of your arrival to Moscow you must come to the University (office 385, see how to get to MADI) for filling out all necessary documents for study (see below), for migration registration and applying for multiple re-entry student visa (office 375). If you arrive on a weekend, you must come to the University on the first business day. If you do not come to the University within the required time, your stay in Russia can be reduced and you will be forced to return home. You have to take with you:

  • passport,
  • migration card.

8. In order to avoid any violations, please contact the MADI timely. If you have any questions, as well as to get a pass into MADI, call us to the Dean of Preparatory Faculty +7 499 155 03 94 or to the International Department +7 499 151 05 81.

List of documents to be submitted for Preparatory Faculty 

  1. Application with first name, family name, date of birth, address (in Russian)
  2. Russian translation of birth certificate (in case such a document is issued in your country), notarized in Russian Federation (or at Consulate of the Russian Federation in the country of education)
  3. Certificate of secondary education (or above) with subjects and grades (notary copy in Russian).
  4. Copy of the national passport.
  5. Medical certificate (including HIV-infection test negative results).
  6. Twelve matte photos size 3x4 cm.

NOTE: To avoid mispronunciation of your name in Russian, please, provide notarized certified translation of your passport into Russian.

List of documents to be submitted for Main Faculties/Postgraduate programs 

  1. Personal application for study in MADI (dowload)
  2. Originals of the previous education documents with the list of subjects and marks, legalized in the country of education.
  3. Notarized copies of education documents and supplements to them with estimations in the studied subjects with Russian translation, certified by the notary of the Russian Federation (or Consulate of the Russian Federation in the country of education) - 2 copies (1 copy for MADI and 1 to get Certificate of foreign education recognition at Federal Service of Oversight of Education and Science*) 
  4. Medical certificate testifying that the applicant has no medical contra-indications for studying in the Russian Federation;
  5. Certificate testifying to absence of a HIV-infection;
  6. Passport with the Russian Visa, a migration card (Purpose of a travel - Education in MADI);
  7. Copy of the birth certificate certified by the notary of the Russian Federation (or Consulate of the Russian Federation in the country of education);
  8. Twelve black-and-white matte photos in the size 3x4 sm;
  9. Those who enter second and subsequent courses in addition must present the academic information from University in which they studied earlier.

* For more information on foreign education  recognition, please, check  http://nic.gov.ru/en/proc/nic



Preparatory Faculty Dean’s office (room 385, 386) – 8-499-1550409, e-mail: dpf@madi.ru

Foreign Students Main Faculties Dean’s office (room 382) – 8-499-1550311, e-mail: ms@madi.ru

Visa and Registration Department (room 375) – 8-499-1510581, e-mail: visadep@madi.ru