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MADI’s campus

MADI’s campus is situated a 15 minutes walk away both from MADI and “Aeroport” metro station at 7, Kochnovsky proyezd, Moscow 

You can watch our video Way from “Aeroport” metro station to MADI’s campus

Hostel provides two-bedroom quadruple compartments, toilet and shower in every compartment, kitchen facilities – on every floor

There is an onsite gym, minimarket, cafeteria and first-aid room.

Cafe shop
Entrance to the rooms Bathroom  Living room




Preparatory Faculty Dean’s office (room 385, 386) – 8-499-1550409, e-mail: dpf@madi.ru

Foreign Students Main Faculties Dean’s office (room 382) – 8-499-1550311, e-mail: ms@madi.ru

Visa and Registration Department (room 375) – 8-499-1510581, e-mail: interdep@madi.ru