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Post-graduate Training Programs, Doctoral Programs, Research Studies

Post-Graduate Training Prigrams – 3-4 years full-time, 4-5 years – extramural 

  1. Dynamics, machines, instruments and equipment durability
  2. Environmental protection (transport)
  3. Material science in mechanical engineering
  4. Theoretical engineering, drive systems and machinery parts
  5. Manufacturing engineering
  6. IC engines
  7. Wheeled and tracked vehicles
  8. Road, construction and hoisting appliances
  9. Electrical technology systems
  10. Automation and control of manufacturing and engineering process (trade-wise)
  11. State, regional and municipal transportation and transport engineering systems
  12. Transportation process management
  13. Automotive transport operation
  14. Constructional supplies and products
  15. Design and construction of roads, underground railway systems, aerodromes, bridges and tunnels
  16. Economics and national economy management
  17. General education science, history of education
  18.  Theory and methodology of vocational training

Doctoral programs – 3 years

  1. Automation of motor transport operation activities on the basis of microchip technologies, present-day communication tools and information systems
  2. Updating of design, construction and operation environment for traffic routes and their components
  3. Researches in regard to material science in mechanical engineering

Short-term scientific training programs – from 1 month

 Main fields of scientific work:

  1. Provision of education process with scientific and methodological  support in accordance with the professional competences being acquired at the University; knowledge quality assessment and job connection
  2. Handling the environment problems of transportation industry and road facilities, conventional fuel saving, design of power plants using alternative fuels
  3. Development of innovative technologies for traffic control and safety system based on traffic telematics, global navigation system and intelligent data processing systems
  4. Motor roads and aerodromes, bridges, tunnels and other special structures design, construction and operation improvement
  5. Development of technologies and equipment to improve performance of transportation and road construction equipment
  6. Development of logistics tools to control transportation inductry and road maintenance facilities



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