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Andrey Keller spoke at the conference «TRILOGY» within the framework of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum

Scientists from MADI take part in the XI international conference «TRILOGY» which started on June 2 in St. Petersburg at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

«TRILOGY» (Transport. Investments. Logistics) is the most important discussion platform, which gathers representatives of Russian and European transport ministries and departments, heads of transport and logistics companies and industry associations, scientists and researchers. Together they discuss the industry development trends, as well as the prospects for international cooperation in the field of transport.

MADI is represented at the conference by the Acting Rector, Professor Andrey Keller and the Head of the Department of road construction materials, Professor Yury Vasilyev.

At the session «Transport strategy of the Russian Federation until 2035. Transport corridors and international transport integration», Andrey Keller made a report, outlining the main challenges, which the transport industry is facing today.

He pointed out that, against the background of the rapid and often revolutionary development of transport technologies, there are a number of worrying tendencies that require the attention of the professional community and effective solutions.

For example, there is an obvious change of paradigms in the industry today, and rapid implementation of new technologies. It is enough to name just a few basic trends - there is a digital transformation of the entire transport sphere, the development of autonomous transport, the environmentalization of transport technologies, the introduction of new materials... And all this is combined with a clear course of import substitution.

Naturally, new technologies reduce the «half-life of knowledge» in the transport sphere. This, in turn, makes it necessary to retrain employees in the transport sector constantly, implementing the model of «lifelong learning».

In addition, there is still a noticeable gap between the high demand in regions for highly qualified personnel capable of applying innovative technologies and non-standard solutions and the fact that the science of automobile and road construction is mainly concentrated in the capital cities.

«I am sure that one of the most effective ways of development of Russian transport sphere is consolidation of efforts, both in the part of development and training of personnel, among consortiums. They will include scientists, designers, transport specialists, representatives of the industry and the transport regulating authorities», - Andrey Vladimirovich stressed, adding that the MADI point of view was fully understood and supported by the forum participants.

During the session specialists also discuss the role of the North-West region in realization of Russia's transport strategy, the ways of international transport corridors optimization and development of their transport and logistic potential. The following problems are being discussed: growth of cargo transit from China to Europe, impact of Suez Canal blockage on redistribution of freight flows, development of port infrastructure and railway approaches to the ports, investment projects of Russian Railways, and many others.