Valery Mashkov, Vice-Rector for Digital Transformation, participated in TAdviser SummIT 2021

On Tuesday, May 26, Valery Mashkov, Vice-Rector for Digital Transformation at MADI, took part in the TAdviser SummIT 2021 digital conference.

TAdviser SummIT 2021 participants - employees of the authorities and major Russian companies - discussed digitalization and information security opportunities in the development of the digital economy.

"Digitalization of the university is, first and foremost, the introduction of services and the creation of conditions for increasing the efficiency of each employee and student. It should be aimed at increasing the quality of education and all related processes. Now we are implementing " Superservice" in MADI, which will allow applicants to submit documents through the portal of State Services", - explained Valery Viktorovich.

Valery Viktorovich added that the university by its structure, on the one hand, has a lot in common with the state authorities, where all processes are strictly regulated by law, and on the other hand - to commercial organizations, because MADI, as one of the leading engineering universities in the country, works in a competitive environment.

"This means that for the digitalization of the university, the practices of both spheres are applicable, but competent fine-tuning of technologies and models is extremely important. Now the main forces of the Department of Digital Transformation MADI are focused on creating a unified digital environment of the university and the implementation of LMS-system," - added the Vice Rector.

For reference: TAdviser SummIT is an annual conference where IT customers and suppliers, innovators in the field, as well as supporters of traditional technologies gather. The event is supported by the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia. It traditionally discusses best practices and opportunities for the use of digital technology in various industries.