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MADI students successfully participated in the Moscow academic economic forum

The report of MADI student became the best at the Moscow Academic Economic Forum.

On May 26 students visited the Russian Academy of Sciences, where the opening of the Forum took place, and on May 27 students continued their work on the site of the Moscow Aviation Institute.

The plenary session of the MAEF youth conference "Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence: Is Rise of the Machines Possible? - The View of Generation Z" was presented by Tasnima Latyrova, a student. She presented a report on "Improving Transport Support for International Tourism in the Digital Economy," prepared under the scientific supervision of Professor Kirill Savchenko-Belsky.

In the section devoted to improving the global competitiveness of Russia's digital economy, our university was well represented by two students. David Gazaryan made a report "Improvement of technology for the management of international road transport using artificial intelligence", and Julia Zudina made a report "Improvement of methods for the development of transport and technological scheme of international transportation using artificial intelligence". The reports were prepared under the supervision of the Dean of the Faculty of Logistics and General Transportation Problems, Sergey Filatov, and the assistant, Ekaterina Barabanova.

According to the results of the sections the report of a MADI student Julia Zudina was recognized as the best! Congratulations to the student and her scientific adviser for this high result!