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Faculties and Chairs

Faculty of Motor Transport

  • Automobiles
  • Higher mathematics
  • Math-modelling of advanced social and engineering systems
  • Operation and servicing of motor vehicles
  • Physical education
  • Transport telematics

Faculty of Road and Technological machines

  • Automation of manufacturing processes
  • Construction material technology
  • Manufacturing and restoration of motor cars and road-building machinery
  • Road construction machinery and gear

Energy and Environmental Faculty

  • Electrical engineering and electrical equipment
  • Engineering ecology
  • Heat engineering and automotive engines
  • Physics

Faculty of Road building

  • Airports, engineering geology and geotechnics
  • Bridges, tunnels and engineering constructions
  • Building mechanics
  • Chemistry
  • Construction and operation of motorways
  • Geodesy and corresponding IT-technologies
  • Hydraulics
  • Road construction supplies
  • Road research and construction methods

Faculty of Management

  • Applied mathematics
  • Automated control systems
  • Motor transportations
  • Road traffic management and safety
  • Russian language
  • Social studies and management

Faculty of Economics

  • Economic doctrines
  • Economics of road construction maintenance and operation
  • Finance
  • Foreign languages
  • Motor transport economics

Faculty of Logistics and Transport problems

  • History and culturology
  • Legal and customs management of transport
  • Logistics
  • Management
  • Philosophy

Faculty of Mechanics and Design

  • Descriptive geometry and plotting
  • Theory if machines and mechanisms
  • Theory of mechanics
  • Tractor-truck and amphibious vehicles
  • Transportation facilities

Preparatory faculty for foreign students

  • Country studies
  • General-theoretical subjects
  • Russian for foreigners