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40th anniversary of the department of automated control systems!

The other day the Automated Control Systems Department celebrated its 40th anniversary. Warm congratulations of alumni and colleagues have echoed, the eventful, daily work continues. Let us remind you how the department staff was created and developed, which wrote glorious pages in MADI history.

The Department of Automated Control Systems (ACS), which is a part of the Faculty of Management, was organized in MADI in March 1981 due to the separation from the Department of "Industrial Electronics and Automation". Taking into account the perspective of the specialty, the USSR Ministry of Higher Education and the MADI rectorate made a decision to create an independent graduating department for this specialty. The rectorate also charged the department with teaching the disciplines of the cycle "Computer Engineering and Programming" at all faculties of the University.

At the first stage, the department was called "ACS Support" and its first head in 1981 was Prof. Yury Bakaev, a specialist in the theory of synchronization, which had a wide application in control automation and informatics: from vibration-type devices in construction machinery to digital systems of mobile radio communication and television. In 1986, he was awarded the State Prize in the Science section.

Speaking about the history of the department, it is impossible not to remember Professor Tamara Minovna Alexandridi. Tamara Aleksandridi headed the department from 1987 to 1992. Her scientific research was connected with creation and application of the means of computer technology. Tamara Minovna participated in creation of the first domestic computers, for which she was awarded with a number of prizes.

Professor Alexandridi was not only a strict supervisor, but also a wonderful colleague, a true comrade, a wise mentor for young employees and students. She passed on her invaluable experience and knowledge until her very old age.

During the department's existence, outstanding scientists, respected specialists, and distinguished figures of science have stood at its helm. Since 2018, the department has been headed by Professor Oleg Maksimychev.

The department trains highly qualified specialists for the automobile and road industry and other sectors of the economy not only in Russia, but also in many foreign countries. Suffice it to say that at the moment more than 100 foreign students, masters, postgraduates and applicants are trained at the department.

For a number of special disciplines the department involves leading experts of major enterprises and organizations - the Research Institute of Information Technologies and Computer-Aided Design Systems, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, AtlanticTransgasSystem Ltd (ATGS) and many others.

The department graduates engineers in "Automated Systems of Information Processing and Control" in the areas of "Integrated Control Systems" and "Intelligent Systems", bachelors in engineering and technology "Computer Science and Engineering", masters in engineering and technology "Computer Science and Engineering".

Students study programming languages, modeling and optimization of complex systems, control theory, organization of computers and systems, databases, principles of building intelligent systems, expert systems, as well as application software packages.

Many teachers of the department are full members of International Academy of Information Technology and other professional public organizations. Academic and business contacts are maintained with related departments of MADI, and key home and foreign companies (SUE "MOSGORTRANS", Kurchatov Institute, 1C, the Codex "Techexpert" consortium, etc.). Every year the scientific-research and scientific-methodological conferences are held, and collections of scientific works of associates and post-graduate students are published.

We congratulate all the lecturers, collaborators, postgraduates and students of the Automated Control Systems Department with the wonderful anniversary! Strength, health, grandiose projects and, of course, warm sunny summer to you, dear friends!