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Academic Board held its February meeting

On Tuesday, February 9, the Academic Board held its meeting.

The event was opened with the report of the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Dmitry Efimenko, followed by a discussion of the draft letter to the Ministry of Education and Science regarding the departmental affiliation of the university. The members of the Academic Board supported the idea of staying within the structure of the Ministry, emphasizing the need to maintain the existing organizational and managerial structure in order to ensure effective research and educational activities.

The Academic Board focused on reviewing the results of the winter examination session and analyzing the dynamics of the students’ academic performance, discussed and approved the tasks for improvement of quality of education outlined in Dmitry Efimenko's report.

The chairman of the Students’ Union, Ilya Arifulin, made a presentation on the results of extracurricular activities in 2020 and the prospects for the development in this area in 2021.

The members of the Academic Board approved a number of regulatory documents, including the Regulation on the size of scholarships and on the appointment of the Government scholarships for students and postgraduates in the second semester of 2020-2021 academic year.

At the closing of the meeting the Acting Rector Andrei Keller presented a report on the activity of the Rectorate for the past month and the main near-term tasks.