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Day of Russian Science celebrated at MADI

On Monday, February 8, the University celebrated the Day of Russian Science.

The celebrations started with the general meeting of the heads of the scientific and educational departments opened by Acting Rector Andrey Keller. The meeting discussed the results of the research activities over the past period, as well as the plans and perspectives for future research. Please follow the link to watch the recording of the meeting.

The program of the day featured the opening of the exhibition The Research Work of MADI Lecturers, attended by Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Otari Didmanidze. After visiting the exposition, Otari Nazirovich met young scientists and talked on the prospects for the development of transport in Russia. He also told the students how to build a scientific career and what qualities are required to become a recognized researcher.

On the Day of Russian Science, the University organized tours to research centers and laboratories for students of Moscow cadet classes. Future applicants showed great interest familiarizing with the modern equipment and asked many questions.