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Work for establishment of International Engineering Center started

MADI, together with the representative office of the Overseas Korean Traders Association, the Korean Business Development Center and the Russian NIOKR company, started on the establishment of the International Engineering Center.

The Center is a large integrated entity, a consortium, which will soon be joined by leading Russian universities. Negotiations are underway with 6 Russian and 4 Korean universities. Soon a university from France and a university from Germany are expected to join. The cooperation will also include SMEs from Russia, South Korea, and the Czech Republic.

The International Engineering Center is to deal with three major tasks:

First of all, it will serve as a basis to transfer relevant technologies from South Korea to Russia. The center will use computer engineering to adapt current South Korean technologies to the needs of Russian manufacturing enterprises. The scientists from two our countries will join efforts to carry out research and development, which will provide basis for setting up new joint ventures in Russia and diversification of domestic operations.

The second task is the technology transfer from Russia to South Korea. The Russian engineering school is highly valued, and domestic technologies are in demand in Korea. Russian entrepreneurs from the initiative group are already engaged in building production lines and setting up manufacturing centers there. There are plans to develop this process further, stepping up exports of Russian high-tech products.

Finally, the third task of the center is the development of competitive high-tech products and their introduction to the international market. This task will require joint effort of the Russian and Korean engineering schools, with the support from business partners, including that based on the principles of public-private partnership.

From the first day MADI took an active part in developing the concept of the center, but there are also other benefits for the university. According to Acting Rector Andrei Keller, “a modern exhibition area will be established at the MADI test site to demonstrate innovative equipment and technologies. It will be used both in the educational process and for testing and development of real-life projects.”