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Students take part in entrepreneurial projects contest

At the end of December, the Sprint Up project announced the awards for the best projects. 134 students from MADI took part in the project, and our university entered the top 25 in the rating of entrepreneurial activity of Moscow universities.

Sprint Up, a large-scale educational online project aimed at promotion of entrepreneurial culture and steady interest in entrepreneurial activity among young students, was launched on November 13 with the support of the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development.

After 5-day business course, the students had to present to the judges their startup projects in the most relevant areas -- from online trading to VR technologies. The best ones advanced to the semifinals, and then to the finals.

The students who have completed the training will reinforce their portfolio with personalized certificates, and the knowledge and skills gained through the course will be helpful in their further employment. A self-study version of a Sprint Up course is to be rolled out soon. For information, please check the website https://sprint-up.ru/.