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Engineering Center to be established by MADI

Engineering Center to be established by MADI

Based on the results of the evaluation of the tender application, MADI will receive over 240 million rubles for the establishment and development of the "Center for Automotive and Road Engineering" (CARE).

The interdepartmental commission has evaluated applications for grants from the federal budget for establishment of engineering centers at the universities of Russia. For the competition, more than 60 applications have been short-listed, and the winners were determined.

Our project for the establishment of the Center for Automotive and Road Engineering got 10 votes out of 12, and MADI will receive 241 million rubles for the three-year project to be rolled out in January.

The competences of the Center will include:

- digital intelligent technologies in mechanical engineering;

- mechanical engineering for the timber industry, agricultural and road-building sectors;

- transport engineering;

- intelligent design of unique transport facilities and systems, including those for Arctic climate.

The main specialization of CARE will be the introduction of digital technologies in the development of innovative products and systems in the relevant sectors. The Center will be engaged in the implementation of advanced digital technologies in the form of an integrated set of engineering and educational services for large customers who, as part of their research and development projects, will benefit from both outstanding engineering services and well-trained engineering personnel. 

The demand for CARE services is growing in transport engineering, automotive and mechanical engineering for the road construction complex - the major leading industries in the Russian economy.