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90 miles on the “Road of Time”

For its 90th birthday, the university received one more gift: a wall in the main building was decorated with a historical exposition in the form of a road.

The road shows the milestones in the history of the university from the day of its foundation to the present day. For the veterans of MADI, it revives the unforgettable emotions and impressions of their youth. For the students and young scientists, it is a guide to the glorious pages of the history of the university.

"The road of time" is measured in decades rather than miles. In each decade there are important scientific achievements, outstanding scholars, new departments and laboratories opened.

… Here is the first rector of MADI, professor Vasily Antonovich Lopatto. Here is the legendary "Dad Lenya" - an outstanding mentor of generations of engineers and scientists, rector of the university in the 60s-80s, professor Leonid Leonidovich Afanasyev. And here – the photographs of the first race cars made by students…

Our special thanks go to our alumnus Merabi Chochua who helped to realize the idea of "The Road of Time".