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International Arctic School opens doors online

Harbin Polytechnic University welcomes to the International Arctic Winter School IAS-HIT-e winter2021 which will be held on January 4-17.

Harbin Polytechnic University invites undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students from all faculties of MADI to take part in an online school organized by the HIT School of Environment in cooperation with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and the University Centre of Svalbard.

As part of the Arctic Winter School, more than 10 world-renowned scientists from Norway, Finland, Russia, Canada and other countries will present their online educational programs in English. 

Harbin Polytechnic University is a long-time partner of our university, coordinator and active member of the Association of Technical Universities of Russia and China (ATURK), of which MADI is also a member. The Arctic Winter School will be held online with the support of ATURC. 

The application form can be downloaded here. It must be filled in and e-mailed to IAS_HIT@163.com by December 31! Hurry up!