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Foreign students invited to take part in competitions!

MADI announces a series of competitions for foreign students and graduates dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the university!

1. Photo contest "MADI in the frame"

We are looking forward to receiving your photo works in the following nominations:

Retro photography

If you are a proud owner of an old-time photo, share it! Or you can demonstrate your skill and make a creative artistic processing of the photo.

"Science in focus"

Experiments and laboratory work, scientific discoveries are innovative developments – that is MADI’s everyday life. Send your photos related to studies and research at the university.

"Friend's smile"

A smile is what unites us all, regardless our differences in languages and cultures. Take a photo of your friends and share happy moments of students’ life and warm smiles!

"My country"

Tell us about your homeland! Send photos of architecture, nature, traditions and customs of your country!

2. Open the world with MADI

Tell us about your country in a presentation or a short video! Create a series of slides and show the people, customs, history, landscapes, bridges and roads of your homeland. Your works will be broadcast on all MADI screens!

3. Geography of tastes

We cannot miss the opportunity to get acquainted with the cuisines of the countries whose representatives study at MADI, so we announce a recipe competition! We look forward to hearing from you of detailed recipes for your national dishes! Photos are welcomed. Add a small text about the features of the national cuisine and earn extra points!

4. "Once, in MADI ..."

There is so much about the vibrant student’s life in MADI: funny stories, romantic, and even mystical. Write a story (up to 300 words) about what happened to you in MADI, it should begin with the phrase: "Once, in MADI ...".

E-mail your work by October 31 to konkurs.madi@gmail.com. Be sure to include your name, country, training program and year.