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MADI ensures favorable conditions for students from Cuba

On September 18, the Counselor for education and science of the Cuban Embassy to the Russian Federation, Mr. Gustavo José Cobreiro Suarez, visited MADI. The Counselor was met by Vice-Rector for International Relations Rustam Mirzaev, Dean of the Preparatory Faculty Andrey Novikov, Head of International Cooperation Department Viktor Blagodatskikh and Head of External Relations Department Olga Sinelshchikova.

The meeting began with a discussion of topical issues related to education and stay of Cuban students in MADI and admission of new students. The International Service assured that, despite the problems associated with the coronavirus pandemic, MADI will do everything possible to provide high-quality distance learning for Cuban students until the borders open. This is not an easy task, taking into account the time difference and the Internet connectivity, but we are doing well so far.

Mr. Cobreiro, who served previously as rector of the Havana Technological University and the Havana State University for over 20 years, emphasized that Cuba is interested in qualified engineers, and MADI, offering a wide range of educational programs and extensive experience in teaching the Russian language, is one of the priority choices for international education and scientific cooperation.