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Students attend China Studies school online

MADI students took part in the China Studies international summer school, which started on July 6 at Harbin Polytechnic University (China).

Despite the pandemics, the annual summer school at the Harbin Polytechnic has not been canceled. This year, MADI students were able to "discover" China online, learned a lot of new things and got an unforgettable experience.

At the classes, the students studied modern space technologies, robotics, networking technologies in the engineering environment. Attention was paid to the tools of the digital economy and digital marketing as mandatory skills that any engineer must possess. And, of course, the students got immersed in the thousands-years-old Chinese culture, took their first lessons in Chinese - the most difficult language to study.

The China Studies Summer School is organized annually by the Harbin Polytechnic University under the auspices of the Association of Technical Universities of Russia and China (ATURC). Scholarships are available for MADI students.

ATURC brings together more than 30 leading technical universities of Russia and China. The Association supports modern forms of academic mobility and aims to train highly qualified specialists, capable of working in a globalized environment. MADI teachers and students regularly participate in conferences, forums and other ATURC events in China and Russia.

More details on the participation of MADI students in the Summer Schools of the Harbin Polytechnic here.