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Information on MADI dormitory accommodation

This year, MADI has allocated 250 beds in the dormitory for freshmen enrolled in undergraduate and specialist programs.

Special quota students (disabled, orphans, Chernobyl zone residents) will have priority. Also, a special quota applies to those who entered under targeted admission programs.

The university will give housing advantages to freshmen who scored 195 points or more.

The rest of the students will be accommodated on a competitive basis. In case the dormitory does not have enough rooms, MADI will help with alternative accommodation, related information will be posted later on the university website.

Dormitory addresses:

·      Dormitory 1: Building 1, 7 Kochnovskiy proezd

·      Dormitory 2: Building 2, 7 Kochnovskiy proezd

Check-in schedule for first-year students:

Undergraduate and Specialist:

·      Faculty of Motor Transport - September 3-4 - Dormitory 2

·      Faculty of Road Building - September 4 - Dormitory 1

·      Faculties of Mechanics and Design, Road and Technological Machinery, Logistics, Management, Economics, Energy and Ecological  - September 7 - Dormitory 1.

Graduate - September 8:

·      Faculty of Motor Transport - Dormitory 2

·      Faculties of Road Building, Mechanics and Design, Road and Technological Machinery, Logistics, Management, Economics, Energy and Ecological  – Dormitory 1

Post-graduate - September 9:

·      for all faculties - Dormitory 2

Documents for check-in:

·      passport

·      4 photos

·      medical certificate form 086/y

·      dormitory payment receipt

·      insurance policy

·      SNILS (Russian individual insurance account number).

Check-in Procedure:

1. On the specified check-in date report to room 362 (main building) to sign a rental contract. Students under the age of 18 must arrive with their parents or persons authorized to enter into a contract. After the conclusion of the contract, proceed to rooms 275, 266 to make payment, then get the residence card in room 362.

2. With the residence card and all required documents, arrive to the dormitory: Buildings 1 and 2,  7 Kochnovskiy proezd, find your name in the list (posted at the Campus entrance and in the halls of buildings 1 and 2), where the dormitory number is indicated. Check-in will be according to the LIST.

3. Get familiar with the Internal Regulations of the Campus in the dormitory halls.

4. With the residence card and all documents report to the Campus administration (building 1 - room 101, building 2 - room 215) to receive:

·      check-in card;

·      referral to obtain a pass to enter the dormitory.

5. Contact the dormitory duty officer (dormitory halls, 1st floor) for:

·      filling out the resident form;

·      checking-in.

6. Get a dormitory pass from the pass office (main building, 1st floor, room 149A).

7. Get a certificate from the MADI first-aid post (room 110l at MADI laboratory building). *

8. Submit the necessary documents for residency registration (room 101 in Dormitory 1) *.

·      Note: Clauses 7 and 8 - only for citizens of the Russian Federation.